Classic French Souffles

These souffle recipes, all range wildly in flavor, all have one thing in common: their warm, airy texture. The fragrant steam wafting off a spoonful of one of these souffles is sure to bewitch everyone at the table.

There is much said about how difficult it is to make a souffle, they are supposedly the horror of the kitchen. Not so, there really is nothing to be afraid of with just a few simple hints and tips to make the process go easier. The best route to success is to read the recipe and then read it again. Gather all the ingredients together before you start and when you are busy in the making, do not get distracted and do not answer the door, then all should be fine.  

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    Individual Chocolate Souffles

    Chocolate souffle

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    A good first recipe to try is a simple chocolate soufflé. It is a magical, airy, rich, and complex confection that perfectly rounds out any meal. Served fresh out of the oven, it delights young children and impresses dinner guests.

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    White Chocolate Souffle

    White chocolate souffle

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    Smooth and airy, this white chocolate soufflé recipe makes for an impressive special occasion dessert. Red berries and citrus both harmonize with white chocolate, whether in the form of a fresh fruit garnish or a sauce. If you're serving it for a winter holiday, be sure to enhance the soufflé's snowy mountain effect with a generous dusting of confectioners' sugar.

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    Vanilla Souffle

    Vanilla souffle

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    Light as a cloud and full of sweet, unadulterated vanilla essence, this vanilla soufflé recipe is the one to prepare for every and any menu. It deftly fits in with so many menus and tastes, that it could be considered the everyday fancy dessert. Dust a little confectioners' sugar over the top and serve with a few, plump berries for a treat that's at once visually spectacular and amazingly simple.

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    Lemon or Orange Souffle

    Citrusy souffle

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    Perhaps the best known of all dessert souffle must be the one with citrus in the form of orange, lemon or lime. This recipe will work for all three just change the amount of citrus to your taste. This souffle suits a rich dinner very well as the citrus cuts through any heaviness you may feel, thus making it a great dessert with rich French dishes.