Desserts and Sweet Treats Made With Pretzels

White chocolate covered pretzels

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For those of you (like us) who love sweet and salty treats, we promise you're going to love these dessert recipes made with pretzels. Don't let these recipes stop you from using pretzels in other recipes. For a change, next time you make a recipe with a graham cracker crust, switch and use pretzels instead.

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    Margarita Pie

    Margarita pie

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    It makes perfect sense when it's explained, but it sounded odd to begin with. We're talking about this recipe for Margarita pie. Of course, it should have a crust made with pretzels. What else would be similar to the salted rim of a margarita glass?

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    White Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

    White chocolate covered pretzels

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    If you are a fan of chocolate and pretzels, making chocolate-covered pretzels seems like a logical choice for a great treat. Shake it up by making these treats with white chocolate. These white chocolate-covered pretzels are easy to make, plus they're tasty too.

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    Pretzel Bark

    Pretzel Caramel Bark

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    Whether it's Christmas or any other time of year, pretzel bark is always a hit. The recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare, and the melted chocolate bark mix is topped with mini pretzels. Add it to a cookie platter, take it to a bake sale, or place pieces in gift bags.

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    Unicorn Pretzels

    Unicorn Pretzels

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    Sweet and salty pretzel rods with a kaleidoscope of color make a perfect treat for a unicorn-themed party. Let the kids help dip and decorate for tasty family fun.

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    Strawberry Pretzel Salad


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    We know pretzel salad sounds like a bizarre dish, but many people (like myself) enjoy that sweet (strawberries) and salty (pretzel) combination. When frozen, pretzel salad makes a great summer dessert. It's perfect for taking to a summer party.

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    White Trash

    White Trash

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    Here is the perfect sweet snack for your next party. Everyone has a hard time keeping their hands off of white trash.

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    Easy Chocolate Fondue in the Crock Pot

    Chocolate fondue

    What goes better with chocolate than pretzels? We say nothing! This easy chocolate fondue in the crock pot is so easy to make and delicious.