Desserts Made with Liquors and Liqueurs

Adding liquor to a dessert can add a depth of flavor that is sure to make it a crowd pleaser. Cakes will be moister and certainly tastier. If you prefer not to use alcohol in your desserts,  you can substitute it with fruit juices or sodas.

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    Limoncello Cake with Marscapone Icing

    Limoncello cake marscapone frosting recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Julia Hartbeck

    Incorporate lemon and limoncello liquor into the Limoncello cake batter, and then indulge in the mascarpone cheese icing that incorporates lemon curd and mascarpone cheese with whipped cream.

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    Boozy Brownies

    These Boozy Brownies are very rich.
    Image copyright Carroll Pellegrinelli

    Even though a box mix is used in this recipe for Boozy Brownies, they taste completely homemade. Bourbon and rum give them their boozy name and chocolate chips put them over the top.

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    Limoncello with Almonds Bundt Cake

    Limoncello Bundt Cake
    Image copyright Carroll Pellegrinelli

    Here's a decadent dessert made with layers of chocolate and vanilla cake along with a buttery filling and topped with Kirsch-flavored whipped cream.

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    Champagne Cupcakes

    Champagne Cupcakes

    The Spruce Eats / Kristina Vanni

    Sparkling wine is incorporated into the batter and frosting of these fancy Champagne cupcakes. They're airy, brightly flavored little treats and an excellent way to wow guests at any party.

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    Basic Trifle Recipe

    Traditional English Trifle

    The Spruce

    The blueberry lovers in your life will like this one. Plus you get to be creative and choose your own favorite liqueur. In fact, almost all Trifles are made with a liqueur or liquor.

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    Bacardi Rum Cake

    Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe

    The Spruce

    You don't have to be a Bacardi Rum drinker to enjoy this tasty cake. This tried-and-true recipe makes the moistest cake you'll ever eat. In fact, it's the one cake that gets better with age.

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    Black Russian Cake

    Chocolate Bundt Cake
    andyrobinson/Getty Images

    Just like the cocktail, this Black Russian Cake is made with vodka and Kahlua. ​Bake this delicious cake in a bundt cake pan and top with a chocolate fudge glaze. 

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    Hazelnut Bundt Cake

    Kentucky Butter Bundt

    The Spruce

    This recipe for Hazelnut Bundt Cake is made with Frangelico Liqueur. Besides having the hazelnuts on top and sprinkled about the cake, the liqueur gives the entire cake a nutty taste.

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    Aileen's Creamy Tiramisu

    Classic no cook tiramisu

    The Spruce

    This unique Tiramisu recipe features coffee and Kahlua as two of its ingredients. Cool and creamy, it is the perfect dessert after a heavy meal.