5 Different Ways to Fold a Crêpe

Several Folds for Different Uses

Traditionally, crêpes are folded or shaped according to the recipe directions. However, there are many recipes that would work well with different types of folds. Crêpes are also very versatile. Once you have the basic crêpe recipe down, you can use whatever ingredients and folds you like. Have fun playing with various combinations to create the sweet or savory crêpes of your dreams.

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    The Fold-Over

    Folded over crepe
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    The fold-over is a classic crêpe fold. It's versatile enough for a variety of fillings, including bulky ones like sliced bananas. And, if you add a little too much, it's more forgiving than other folds. The filling appears at both ends, leaving the person eating it anticipating the first bite. This fold is among the easiest and it's beautiful when adorned with toppings like freshly whipped cream and confectioners' sugar or a drizzle of sauce.

    1. Place the crêpe with the best side facing down.
    2. Put the filling in a line down the center of the crêpe.
    3. Fold the right side just past the middle and then do the same with the left.
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    Pocket Fold

    Pocket Fold. Arx0nt/Getty Images

    The pocket fold is the traditional fold for a cheese blintz. Appropriately, it's also called a blintz fold and, though it looks nothing like it, it's sometimes referred to as an egg roll fold. Whatever you wish to call it, this method creates a filled square pocket that is easy to eat.

    1. Place the crêpe with the best side facing down.
    2. Spoon the filling into the center of the crêpe.
    3. Fold both sides over the filling, then fold bottom and top.
    4. Turn the folded crêpe over and set it on the serving dish.
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    Crêpes Suzette Fold

    Chocolate Crepe
    Also known as the corner fold. Tanja-Tiziana, Doublecrossed Photography/Getty Images

    Simple and elegant, crêpes Suzette recipes use this fold to create a showstopping triangle, similar in shape to a pizza slice. Crêpes Suzette doesn't include a filling, opting for a Grand Marnier sauce drizzle instead. If you want to add a filling, keep it minimal and avoid bulky ingredients so the fold can remain relatively flat.

    1. Place the crêpe with the best side facing down.
    2. If using, spoon the filling into the center of the crêpe.
    3. Fold in half.
    4. Fold in half again, forming a triangle four layers thick.
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    The Roll

    Crepes with chocolate sauce
    Rolled up crepes. Kelly Sillaste/Getty Images

    Rolled crêpes are super simple to eat and make a very fun snack or dessert. With a thin spreadable filling, you can often pick it up with your hands. For others, you can cut the roll into slices.

    1. Place the crêpe with the best side facing down.
    2. Spread filling evenly over the side facing up, leaving a slight edge.
    3. Starting at one end, roll the crêpe.
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    No Fold, Fold

    Thousand layer green tea mousse crepe
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    Want a sweet lasagna? Try layering your crêpes. It makes a lovely layered dessert and you can even make it with savory ingredients for dinner.

    1. Place the best side of the crêpe down.
    2. Spread filling over the crêpe, leaving a slight edge.
    3. Top with another crêpe and cover with filling.
    4. Repeat until your layers are complete.
    5. Cut and serve in wedges.