This Slushy TikTok Trend Seemed Too Good to Be True… So I Tested It for Myself

It was supposed to give me cool summer cocktails.

An illustrated cup filled with red slushy, topped with strawberries and lemon

The Spruce Eats / Julie Bang

If you’re looking to keep on top of the latest TikTok trends and novelty products… a mid-to-late-30s food writer who regularly deletes social media apps from her phone is probably not your best bet.


If you’re curious about whether one of those viral hacks or buys is actually worth it, you couldn’t have come to a better source. Hi! I’m the mid-to-late-30s writer who leans hard toward the skeptical take when it comes to internet trends. I love trying and reviewing internetty stuff, because I’m not easily swayed by charismatic content creators. I’m also roughly 25% curmudgeon. Which brings us to today’s topic: The SlushyCup.  

The SlushyCup, in case you don’t frequent TikTok, is an insulated cup that claims to “turn your favorite beverage into Slush.” All you have to do is freeze the cup, add the liquid of your choice, and squeeze. The frozen insulation is supposed to turn your bevvy into a frosty, icy concoction just by smooshing it around with your hands. 

It’s so popular that the original cup has its own TikTok account and has inspired a whole genre of content on the platform: putting surprising beverages to the test. I’m not about to turn pickle juice into a Happy Hour treat, but I was curious if this weird product could stand up to summer’s demand for icy, refreshing cocktails. If the SlushyCup worked, it would be a game changer for people who like delicious frozen drinks but don’t have a margarita maker (which, I’m betting, is most of us).

How to Get a SlushyCup

If you’re active on TikTok, you may get lucky and score one of your own in one of the creators’ giveaways (in their videos, they regularly claim to bestow free SlushyCups on fans). But you can also buy one in their online store. At time of writing, they’re “on sale” for $24.99 from $39.99. I’ll note here that I’ve been researching this article for months and the price has never changed. So take that discount with a grain of salt.

It comes in four color options: blue, pink, yellow, and green. I placed an order for a pink cup and waited. And waited. Half a month after paying, I received an email from the maker saying there were delays because it had become such a popular product. All good. I wasn’t in a particular rush. True to their word, the cup did arrive, eventually—about a month and a half after the initial order. After unboxing it, I read through the instructions and it seemed pretty idiot proof. Just freeze, add liquid, and squeeze until frosty. How hard could it be?

What Happened When I Put Rosé in the SlushyCup

Turns out, I’m an idiot. 

I tried three summer drinks in the SlushyCup, and every time, things got weird. I started with the ultimate warm weather bev (for millennials, anyway): A bottle of Whispering Angel rosé. After adding a generous glug to the pre-frozen cup, I started squeezing and realized my first mistake: The SlushyCup cannot handle a ton of liquid. It tapers at the bottom, and as you squeeze, you’re actively pushing liquid up and over the rim.

Did this mean I got rosé all over my hands and kitchen rug? Yes. Did this mean my dogs immediately began slurping up the wine like two fluffy lushes? It sure did. I moved to the sink and kept squeezing. The remaining rosé did turn into a slush, and it did happen in less than a minute. 

Unfortunately, most of the wine had escaped the cup, so when I transferred it to my favorite stemless wine glass, it looked sad. Very sad. I also learned that the instant a Slushy leaves the cup, it starts melting. In other words, Operation Frosé was a total fail. Would I fare better with canned hard seltzers?

What Happened When I Put a Canned Margarita Seltzer in the SlushyCup

Luckily, I had a case of Topo Chico Margarita Hard Seltzer at the ready. I waited a day as the cup refroze, grabbed the classic marg flavor, and started squeezing. 

This time, I wised up and added just two tablespoons to the cup. The results were almost instant, thanks to the fact that I had used such a small amount. But at what cost? It was a negligible amount of booze, and the process had completely thawed the cup—so I couldn’t go for another round. Despite the fact that I was conducting the test shortly after 9 A.M., I slurped up the slush. It did have a fun texture but the party was over way too soon.

What Happened When I Put A Canned Boozy Spritz in the Slushy Cup

After another round of freezing, waiting, and watching popular TikTok Slushy Cup content, I grabbed a can of Revel Avila Spritz, an agave spirit-based spritz. (Sounds like a fizzy margarita, but it’s really in a class of its own.) This was, sadly, the biggest disappointment—because the Revel is so delicious on its own.

It’s a very fizzy drink—that resulted in extra spillage. By the time I finished, I had a measly amount of Slush. I was beginning to think that the videos on TikTok were fake news. How did they achieve that packed-to-the-gills amount of Slush? Of course, turning a liquid into a Slushy also means getting rid of all the fizz. The fizz is my favorite part! Even if you plan on buying a SlushyCup, I beg of you: Don’t use it for carbonated stuff.

Does the SlushyCup Actually Work?

Listen, I can’t deny that the kids love this thing. “Tiktok comes clutch wow 🤩 best thing I ever got online I’m not even lying this is the best invention I ever saw,” raves one reviewer named Jeremy. Okay, Jeremy. If it’s so awesome, why doesn’t your picture have any SLUSHY LIQUID in it? 

After months of anticipation and days of tests, I’m calling this one a bust. If you’re hell bent on DIY slushies, I’d recommend springing for a KitchenAid attachment—or maybe a pebble ice maker

Like most things on the internet, The SlushyCup is fun-to-watch videos but not so great in real life. And before the TikTok kids come for me in the comments, I’ll admit something else: Like most things on the internet, this older millennial just doesn’t get it.