Dora Villarosa

Dora Villarosa, the Strategic Foodie, never stops thinking about food. She is fascinated by the way food brings people together, and encourages everyone to experiment in the kitchen. She finds inspiration in helping others find accessible tools to make home cooking cheaper, easier, healthier, and more fun.


Dora learned the basics of budget cooking from her mother, who worked full time while whipping up fabulous family dinners on a nightly basis. In addition to picking up her mother’s creative talent for pairings and uncanny ability to cook for a crowd, Dora also learned from her father’s improvisational approach to classic Italian cuisine. While living in Paris, Dora was bewitched by the marvels of multi-course meals, and impressed by the rustic simplicity of French home cooking. She creates and adapts recipes from a large variety of cuisines from around the world. Dora has no fear in the kitchen, and believes that a sense of humor is the most indispensable ingredient of all. She is convinced that eating well can be synonymous to living well.


Dora has an MBA from the University of Chicago and is dedicated to finding the parallel between good economics and good living.

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