Dress Like an American Celebrity Chef!

Some Head-to-Toe Kitchen Wear Gift Suggestions

Do you, or a foodie you know, dream what it would be like to be one of America's celebrity chefs? To have your own catch phrase like "bam!" or "yummo." Well, chances are you may not get to that level of culinary fame, but nothing says you can't look like a chef in the kitchen!

Are you out of gift ideas for the wanna-be chef in your life? Forget about that beef jerky machine, go with some foodie fashion. From head to toe, here are a few suggestions and links to get you...MORE started.

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    The chef hat is the most iconic part of the chef's uniform. The reason for this traditional hear wear is very simple - when someone walks into a large, busy kitchen you want to be able to tell who's the chef right away. Cooks wear smaller caps, and only the chef gets to swagger around in the big hat. Give the gift of unquestioned authority in the kitchen!

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    This master chef coat is made with 100% soft, tough cotton twill. You can get the traditional hand-knotted buttons or stud buttons which nestle between two rows of cording. Wearing this chef coat may not help your technique, but you sure will look like you know what you are doing.

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    Sure they're great for the kitchen, but chef pants are also great for casual wear as well. The black and white checks are the most popular, and authentic design, but you be surprised by how many other designs and style there are.

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    The celebrity chef look is just not complete without an apron. You'll be amazed at the variety of style, colors, and materials.

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    Clogs are by far the most popular footwear in kitchens. These Dansko "Professional" clogs are well known in the restaurant business for their support and comfort during those long work days. Tough, safe, and always fashionable in the kitchen.

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    Not into clogs? No problem, you may want to try these loafer-style shoes from Timberland. They have several features that make them a great choice for kitchen wear, including; Scotchgard-protected leather uppers, and sturdy, slip resistant soles that grip both dry and wet surfaces. You can spill all you want cooking in these, so they're a great gift for the messy chef on your list.