6 Fabulous Dried Cranberry Breads

Delicious Recipes Using This Red Fruit

Dried cranberries aren't just perfect for snacking, they are also great for baking. It's the perfect fruit to add a natural sweetness to a variety of breads, quick breads, scones, and muffins.

Also called cranberry raisins, dried cranberries are easy to find year-round, though they are most plentiful during the holiday season. Any of these delicious baked goods can be enjoyed any time you get a craving for a delicious fruit bread. They're perfect for dessert, a favorite for afternoon...MORE tea, a quick breakfast, and are great homemade gifts.

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    Cranberry orange muffins
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    These easy muffins are made with biscuit mix, making this the perfect beginner's recipe. It's also a fantastic way to get the kids active in the kitchen, so baking these muffins can become a family affair.

    The muffins are flavored with dried cranberries and orange zest and juice. It is a sweeter muffin and it makes a tasty option for a quick breakfast.

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    Cranberry orange scones
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    If you love a good scone, then you will thoroughly enjoy this recipe. It is filled with flavor and the ideal companion for a hot cup of tea.

    The scones are flavored with dried cranberries and orange zest, which is the perfect flavor combination for this light, slightly sweetened biscuit. 

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    Cranberry orange bread
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    Orange is another lovely companion for cranberries and this quick bread is an ideal holiday treat. This is a great recipe to divide into mini loaf pans so you have a homemade gift at the ready.

    There are a few possibilities for finishing this bread. It's fantastic with the homemade icing, but if you prefer a more savory fruit bread, it can be left plain. For a bit of sweetness, dust the bread lightly with powdered sugar.

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    Cranberry banana bread
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    Perfect for dessert or breakfast, you can quickly transform the basic banana bread recipe into a cranberry delight. You might even want to add pecans or walnuts for added flavor and crunch.

    This simple quick bread recipe makes two loaves which can be made into mini loaves to maximize its gift-giving potential. It's a delightful way to change up your banana bread routine when cranberries are plentiful.

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    Cranberry stollen
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    Christmas traditions come to life in a classic stollen bread that should not be reserved for the holidays alone. You will enjoy making this fruit-stuffed bread as much as everyone will love to eat it.

    Stollens can include many different ingredients and this particular recipe features three favorites: cranberry, apricot, and orange, which combine deliciously. This stollen is sure to add a spark to the holiday dessert table or any casual dinner.

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    Walnut cranberry bread
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    Perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches, this hearty bread studded with dried cranberries and walnuts is delicious toasted. Feel free to add orange zest for some extra zing. The recipe makes two loaves, one for now and one for later—or wrap one to bring to the next holiday party.