The Dulce de Leche of Guys and Dolls Question

Dulce de Leche Cocktail
Rob Palmer / Photolibrary / Getty Images

A Controversial Dulce de Leche

I recently came across an interesting article that dissects the Dulce de Leche cocktail and adds a bit of controversy to this drink.

The drink is a very thick, chocolaty rum cocktail that is certainly not for everyone. Bacardi's recent release of this Dulce de Leche recipe is one that was served at the musical revival's premiere party and is a mix of Bacardi (of course), Godiva and cream.

Sounds delicious if you have a sweet tooth, and it is, yet it is not a personal favorite as I prefer the likes of lighter Chocolate Martinis.

Guys and Dolls

How does the Dulce de Leche relate to Guys and Dolls? There is a famous scene in the script in which the "prudish" Sarah Brown gets a "bit" tipsy on the drink, which she believes to be "sweet milk" thanks to Sky Masterson, who also leads her to believe that Bacardi is a "preservative."

An Original Dulce de Leche?

Is there an original Dulce de Leche cocktail? Well, this is a question of a bit of a mystery behind it. I have looked throughout my library (which could be expanded, granted) and have found no reference to one that dates around the 1950's. Instead, I came across an article by Eric Felton of the Wall Street Journal about the possible relationship of this elusive "classic" cocktail. Leave it to Felton to research the drink in such a comprehensive way and I won't spoil it by trying to recap his piece, which you can find on here on

Read that article and you will find that Felton was able to find a similar cocktail, the Doncellita, which was popular in 50's Havana and a mix of creme de cacao and cream. Very interesting, and it's also important to note that Felton does this type of investigative cocktail history work often and that his 2007 book How's Your Drink? will be available in paperback this May.

It is one book you will not want to miss if you love drink trivia and history.