Satisfy your sweet tooth with Dutch favorites like apple pie, doughnuts, fritters, speculaas and more.
Stroopkoeken cookies
Stroopkoeken (Dutch Caramel Cookies) Recipe
Dutch Apple Pie
4 Dutch Homemade Bread, Cakes and Pastries
Slagroomtaart – Dutch Cream Cake
Dutch Almond Paste-Filled Pastry Log (Banketstaaf) Recipe
Dutch Almond Paste-Filled Pastry Log (Banketstaaf)
Krakelingen (Sugared Dutch Pretzels)
Krakelingen (Sweet Dutch Pretzels)
Jan hagel cookies recipe
Dutch Christmas Cookies (Jan Hagel Cookies)
Ingredients for boerenjongens recipe
Boerenjongens (Brandied Sultanas) Recipe
Jar of dried apricots
Boerenmeisjes (Dutch Brandied Apricots) Recipe
Dutch chipolata dessert
Dutch Chipolatapudding (Fruit and Maraschino Dessert) Recipe
Traditional pepernoten recipe
Pepernoten (Dutch Honey-Anise Sinterklaas Cookies) Recipe
Dutch Speculaas (Windmill) Cookies
Speculoos (Windmill Cookies) Recipe
Traditional Kruidnoten Cookies—Dutch Ginger Nuts
Kruidnoten Cookies (Dutch Ginger Nuts)
A bag of Boerenjongens
5 Great Recipes for Traditional Dutch Desserts
Classic Kletskoppen
Apricot Jam and Coconut Meringue Hertzoggies Recipe
Indo-Dutch Spekkoek Recipe -- Lapis Legit -- Layered Spice Cake
Indo-Dutch Spekkoek Recipe—Lapis Legit— Layered Spice Cake
Gevulde Speculaas
Gevulde Speculaas: Dutch Spiced Cookies
Old-Fashioned Dutch Doughnuts (Oliebollen)
Old-Fashioned Dutch Doughnuts (Oliebollen)
Taai taai cookies
Traditional Dutch Taai-Taai Cookie
Bossche bol in the Netherlands
Bossche Bollen - Dutch Chocolate Profiteroles
Dutch Apple Beignets (Appelflappen)
How to Make Speculaaskruiden