24 Dutch Seafood Recipes

Dutch seafood recipes for every hour of the day.

Dutch coastal waters teem with life, with typical seafood varieties including herring, mussels, mackerel and shrimp, but salmon, sole and sea bass are popular, too. Our selection of Dutch seafood recipes includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a few must-try Dutch snacks.

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    Gray Mullet Carpaccio with Mixed Salad & Green Dressing Recipe

    Gray Mullet Carpaccio. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    The raw rosy white flesh of gray mullet makes an elegant starter when thinly sliced, drizzled with a verdant herb sauce and served with mixed salad greens.

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    Lekkerbek met Ravigotesaus (Deep-Fried Plaice with Ravigote Sauce Recipe)

    Lekkerbek with lemon wedges. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    'Lekkerbek', a version of fish and chips, is not to be missed. The recipe uses plaice instead of overfished cod, whiting or hake. Serve this deep-fried Dutch delicacy with herb-rich ravigote sauce.

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    Pickled Herring Salad with Sour Apples & Potatoes Recipe

    Pickled Herring Salad. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    This isn't your average potato salad; tangy Granny Smith apples, spicy horseradish and potatoes encased in creamy crème fraîche offer a fabulous foil for the fresh-sour flavors of pickled herring. Because this recipe uses pickled herring from a bottle, it's a great store-cupboard stand-by. Pickled herring is also easier to find abroad than regular 'maatjes-style' herring. Look out for bottles of pickled herring on websites that sell Dutch food items, or if you live in the Netherlands, simply pick it up at your local supermarket or fishmonger.

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    Mussels with Saffron & Ginger Recipe

    Mussels with Saffron & Ginger. Photo © Uitgeverij KunstMag

    If the use of ginger and saffron seems suspiciously modern, you may be surprised to learn that this recipe was actually based on a 15th century culinary manuscript kept in the library of the Ghent-based 'Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde' (the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and -Literature).

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    Smoked Fish Platter Recipe

    Smoked Fish Platter. Photo © Daisy Obdam

    Nothing could be simpler for a luxurious brunch than buying a variety of smoked fish and presenting it to your guests with crackers or mini pancakes.

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    Dutch Shrimp Croquettes (Garnalenkroketten)

    Classic Shrimp Croquettes. Photo © Philippe Desnerck/Getty Images

    Ask any Amsterdammer about Holtkamp bakery and you'll hear praise for their excellent cakes, cookies, pastries and savory snacks. In fact, this patisserie is particularly renowned for their shrimp croquettes. This recipe delivers croquettes with a crisp breadcrumb exterior and a well-filled, gooey center of delicately spiced shrimp - a true Dutch delicacy.

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    Spicy Barbecued Sea Bass Recipe

    Spicy Barbecued Sea Bass. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    Line-caught European sea bass is a fantastic sustainable seafood choice for summer garden barbecues. Grilling brings out the fish's delicious flavors while lending a smoky note, the chili-spiked oil provides a spicy thrill and lashings of cilantro (coriander leaves) add their aromatic tones.

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    Sole with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe (Tongfilets met Hollandaise Saus)

    Sole with Hollandaise Sauce. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    This classic combination of sole, hollandaise sauce and wild spinach is chic enough for a dinner party or special occasion cooking and remains an enduringly delicious choice.

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    Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp Recipe

    Dutch Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    Shrimp make an excellent addition to scrambled eggs, and this easy scrambled eggs recipe is ideal for a Sunday brunch or toothsome lunch.

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    Smoked Salmon on Toast with Chive Sour Cream Recipe

    Salmon on Toast with Chive Sour Cream. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    This open-faced smoked salmon sandwich is deceptively simple. I say deceptively, because to make it special, you do have to hunt down the best quality smoked salmon, brown bread and sour cream you can find. I use chives from my own balcony - it's impossible to find them fresher - and I also scatter over a few tiny purple chive flowers, when available. You can also serve slices of smoked salmon and my chive sour cream on toast points or crackers as an hors d'oeuvre. It goes gloriously with a glass of crisp, white wine.

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    Smoked Mackerel Salad Recipe

    Smoked Mackerel Salad. Photo © Mo’ Media Publishing

    This recipe is like cross between a Caesar salad and a Nicoise salad, but with a Dutch twist; smoked mackerel. It has every element that makes up a great dish: something crunchy, creamy, sweet, tangy, bitter and salty.Delicious!

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    Crispy Herring with Mustard Sauce Recipe (Krokante Haring met Mosterdsaus)

    Crispy Herring with Mustard Sauce. Photo © Petra Steenkamer

    Gr illing herring is a whole new way to enjoy the Netherlands' most beloved fish. This easy seafood starter can be prepared in 20 minutes.

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    Grilled Sea Bass with Herbs

    Barbecued Sea Bass with Herbs. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    In this recipe, European sea bass is anointed with a flavorful garlic and parsley oil and then grilled in a barbecue basket. Grilling sea bass brings out the delicate flavors of the fish, while adding delicious smoky aromas.

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    North Sea Gurnard with Westland Grape Salsa

    North Sea Gurnard with Westland Grape Salsa. Photo © House of Origin

    A healthy and nutrient rich salsa of Westland grapes, tomatoes, red onion, radishes, chilli pepper and parsley contrast nicely with fresh pan fried North Sea gurnard and garlicy new potatoes with bacon.

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    Star Pancakes with Smoked Fish & Three Sauces Recipe

    Star pancakes with smoked fish. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    Smoked fish is a Christmas-time standard on our table, but these star-shaped pancakes make it all the more festive. What's more, you can make the pancakes the day before and simply use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make the shapes. Of course, you could use 'poffertjes' or blinis here, too.

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    Dutch Shrimp & Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

    Shrimp & cucumber sandwich. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    These pretty sandwiches combine refreshing cucumber with delicious Dutch shrimp ('Hollandse garnalen'), those moreish greyish-pink morsels native to our waters. Rather conveniently, you can buy them already peeled, deveined and cooked at fishmongers and supermarkets all over the Netherlands, but you can easily substitute them with whatever small shrimp or prawns are native to your area.

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    Smoked Herring Fishcakes

    Herring Fishcakes. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    Combine smoked herring with some leftover mashed potatoes, and you'll have fabulously flavorful fishcakes that are full of omega fatty acids. They're always a crowd-pleaser.

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    Smoked Mackerel Spread Recipe (Gerookte Makreelpate)

    Smoked Mackerel Spread on Rye Squares. Photo © Ellen Schelkers

    Team this tasty spread with sourdough bread for lunch, or serve it as an appetizer on small squares or triangles of bread.

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    Foamy Cream of Parsnip Soup with Prawns & Herb Oil Recipe

    Foamy Cream of Parsnip Soup with Prawns & Herb Oil. Photo © House of Origin

    This frothy soup recipe masterfully combines parsnips with prawns (giant shrimp) and a flavorful herb oil. A superbly seasonal starter for the fall and winter months.

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    Pan-Fried Salmon with Witlof, Spinach & Fennel

    Pan-Fried Salmon with Witlof, Spinach & Fennel. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    This healthy salad is hearty enough to satisfy those who feel that a salad couldn't possibly be a meal, yet still feels very light on its feet. With over half a dozen mixed greens on offer, even the strictest dietitian will be pleased. And, with all those heart-healthy omega fatty acids courtesy of the pan-fried salmon, your cardiologist will be smiling too.

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    Poached Salmon with Chive Sour Cream & Fresh Potato Salad

    Poached Salmon with Chive Sour Cream & Fresh Potato Salad. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    Salmon is native to Dutch rivers, and although not as abundant as they once were, you can catch local Dutch salmon in our rivers today. This recipe gently poaches the salmon and combines it with a zesty potato salad and chive-studded sour cream.

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    Mussel Soup with Sherry & Saffron Recipe

    Mussel Soup with Sherry & Saffron. Photo &copy Karin Engelbrecht

    Rich, creamy and subtle in flavor, our mussel soup makes a sexy little starter. We like to serve it with slices of buttered French baguette. Frankly, it needs nothing more.

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    Lemony Chicken Breast Fillets with Brown Bean Salad & Herring and Herb Relish

    Lemony Chicken Breast Fillets with Brown Bean Salad & Herring and Herb Relish. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    Chicken marinated in lemon is always a popular choice. I like to serve it with my brown bean salad and herring & herb relish. Here, traditional Dutch ingredients combine with zesty flavors for a light and thoroughly modern dish.

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    Mussels with Samphire

    Mussels with samphire. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    This dish combines mussels with the familiar (carrots and leeks) and the not-so-familiar, briny sea beans/samphire, which seem to bring out the wonderful ozone aroma of the ocean even more in the mussels.