Easter Leg of Lamb Dinner Menu

12 Festive Recipes and Menu Ideas for Your Easter Holiday Meal

roasted leg of lamb

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Spring is finally here, which means it's Easter time! Whether your family celebrates Easter with a lunch, brunch, or dinner, we've got the best ideas for a fabulous seasonal menu that is sure to delight your guests. With recipes including the classic Easter roasted leg of lamb, springy salads, sensational side dishes, delicious desserts, and Easter cocktails, you're sure to earn kudos as a great chef when you use these ideas for your Easter holiday menu.

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    Roasted Artichokes Appetizer

    Roasted Artichoke

    The Spruce

    Spring is artichoke season, making it the perfect time to serve these naturally delicious, super-nutritious thistles. This easy recipe uses a simple roasting technique to concentrate the flavors for a tasty and healthy appetizer that will delight your holiday guests.

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    Asparagus Butter Lettuce Salad With Pistachios

    Asparagus Salad

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    Fresh raw asparagus (yes, it tastes good raw) and soft, mild-tasting butter lettuce are tossed with a lemony vinaigrette and topped with fresh mozzarella and nutty pistachios to create this cheerful spring salad that's perfect for your Easter menu.

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    Fennel Avocado Salad

    Fennel Avocado Salad

     The Spruce

    The strong, stand-out tastes of fennel, avocado, and red onion come together beautifully in this elegant and flavorful Easter salad. Your guests will love the creamy texture created when the avocado mixes with the simple homemade vinaigrette. The end result is a bright salad with a rich-tasting dressing that's very healthy and is easy and quick for busy home cooks to throw together.

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    Classic Roast Leg of Lamb

    Roasted Leg of Lamb

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    Roast leg of lamb is an impressive recipe you can serve at any special occasion, especially your Easter meal. Happily, it's also one of the easiest to make. This simple Easter lamb recipe that produces mouth-watering results is sure to become a family favorite. Simply mix up a quick marinade for the meat to bathe in overnight, then pop into the oven for about an hour, for a tender, juicy, meaty and aromatic Easter dinner dish.

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    Seven-Hour Roast Leg of Lamb

    Roasted Leg of Lamb

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    If you're up for spending the day inside on Easter Sunday, have we got a delicious, tender roast leg of lamb recipe for you. You might not always have the time, but if you're one of those home cooks who truly enjoys spending the day puttering around the kitchen, then this elegant, yet homey Easter lamb dinner recipe belongs on your holiday menu. While it takes seven hours to cook, you don't need to stand over it—just pop it into the oven and give it a check from time to time. Heartily seasoned with herbs, vegetables, and wine, this leg of lamb is roasted until it's falling-apart tender. Yum!

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    Asparagus Ricotta Spring Pasta

    Asparagus Ricotta Pasta

    The Spruce / Molly Watson

    Asparagus is at its best in the spring, and the clean, grassy flavor of asparagus shines through in this easy pasta dish. Creamy ricotta cheese adds a sense of indulgence without overpowering the freshness of the asparagus. The sunny lemon keeps things bright even as the pasta gives it that cozy feeling. Serve it as a side dish to your Easter lamb main course.

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    Spinach Rice Pilaf

    Spinach Rice Pilaf

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    Rice pilaf is a lovely, nutritious accompaniment to roasted lamb. This sunny, savory spinach rice pilaf dish that's super easy to make is a wonderful vegetarian side dish to add to your Easter lunch or dinner menu.

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    Easy Potato Gratin

    Easy Potato Gratin

    The Spruce / Elaine Lemm

    Just about everyone loves the rich, thick and creamy goodness of a classic potato gratin. You'll love it as a cook, too, because it's so simple to make. This recipe features an easy cooking method that takes all the guesswork out of creating a beautiful, satisfying, decadent-tasting potato side dish for your Easter menu.

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    Battenberg Cake

    Battenberg cake

    The Spruce

    A whimsical Battenberg cake is the perfect ending for an Easter meal. Your guests are sure to smile when you slice into this classic British dessert with its distinctive pink and yellow squares tightly wrapped in a thick layer of marzipan. Fancy enough for queens and kings, but as easy and fun to make as any other sponge cake, you're sure to earn major kudos as the host(ess) with the most(est) when you serve this pretty, fun Easter dessert.

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    Lemon Meringue Pie

    Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

     The Spruce

    There's something homey and comforting about a classic lemon meringue pie. We've got your go-to recipe here with a delicious, tangy lemon curd and loads of billowing meringue piled high. Cross your fingers and hope for leftovers.

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    Bellini Wine Cocktail


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    The Bellini is a classic wine cocktail that enjoys an impressive following. Originating in Venice, Italy, this swanky cocktail is based on the bubbles of the region's most famous sparkling wine, Prosecco. Light, refreshing, and simple to make, it is infused with the sweet flavor of spring peaches. It's the perfect choice of cocktail for your Easter brunch or lunch menu.

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    Mint Julep Cocktail

    Mint julep

    The Spruce / Claire Cohen

    Mint pairs beautifully with lamb, making this an inspired cocktail to serve at your Easter lamb dinner celebration with friends and family. With only three ingredients, but packing a wallop of flavor and a boozy punch, your guests are sure to ask for refills of this refreshing, upscale bourbon cocktail.