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Eastern European Food & Recipes

Discover the rich, diverse and cross-cultural cuisine of Eastern Europe.
Tomato Tart with Fillo and Feta Cream
20 Best Ways to Use Phyllo Dough
Quick Shoyu Ramen
Our Favorite Noodle Recipes From Around the World
Bulgarian Bread
Bulgarian Christmas Recipes
Beets with Sour Cream (Buraczki ze Smietana)
Top 8 Eastern European Beet Recipes
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Eastern European Strudel Recipes
Cherry Bublanina
Easy Eastern European Cake Recipes
Cabbage Rolls in Tomatoes
Slovak Stuffed Cabbage (Holubky or Halupki)
Bulgarian Pumpkin Banitza
Bulgarian Dessert Recipes and Descriptions
Romanian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarmale)
Romanian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarmale)
16 Eastern European Dumpling Recipes
Bulgarian Easter eggs in a basket
How Bulgarians Celebrate Easter
Cold cuts with cheese and olives
Traditional Romanian Recipes
Scandinavian rosette pastry cookies
Traditional Fried Rosettes Pastry
Slovak Egg Cheese Recipe
Hrudka: Slovak Egg Cheese Recipe for Easter
Rye Bread
What Is Rye?
Pagach stuffed with cabbage
Ukrainian and Slovak Pagach Bread (Pagac)
Serbian Sausages (Cevapcici)
Serbian Easter Recipes
Ukrainian Blueberry Dumplings (Varenyky) served on a plate with a fork, with sour cream and sauce
Ukrainian Blueberry Dumplings (Varenyky)
Vegan Matzo Ball Soup
Vegetable Soup With Vegan Matzo Balls
Quick kajmak
Quick Serbian Kajmak Recipe
Sliced houska bread on a wire rack, parchment paper and a wooden surface
Czech/Bohemian Braided Egg Bread With Raisins (Houska)
Czech Easter Stuffing
Velikonoční Nádivka: Czech Easter Stuffing
Braised Pork Belly
Braised Pork Belly
Plum jam
Low Added Sugar Fresh Fruit Jam Recipes
Beef Brisket With Vegetables and Country Bread
Jewish Beef Brisket
Traditional Slovenia dish of sausages
Slovenian Carniolian Sausage
Stuffed cabbage
Balandeliai: Lithuanian Stuffed Cabbage
Holubtsi: Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage
Holubtsi: Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage
Slovak potato sausage recipe
Slovak Potato Sausage (Bobrovecke Droby)
Quark kolache
Polish Sour Cream Kołaczki Dough
Potato Sausage on plate
Lithuanian Potato Sausage (Vedarai) Recipe
Kifle or Kilfice od Oraha
Balkan Kifle Walnut Crescent Cookies
Bulgarian Easter bread recipe
Kozunak: Bulgarian Easter Bread
Artisan sauerkraut
7 Eastern European Sauerkraut Dishes
Polish Kołaczki Recipe
Cottage Cheese Kolacky Dough Pastry Recipe
Round Bread On A Wooden Table
Romanian Country Bread Recipe - Romanian Tara Paine
Slow Cooker Beef and Chicken Stew
Romanian Pork and Potato Stew
10 Authentic Easter Breads From Eastern Europe
Klara's traditional Croatian apple strudel recipe
Klara's Traditional Croatian Apple Strudel Recipe - Strudel od Jakuba
Broad beans with milk and sage
Eastern European Milk Soup
Chocolate bundt cake with chocolate glaze
Easy Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake
Potato lamb moussaka in individual saucepans
Croatian Potato Moussaka (Musaka od Krumpira) Recipe
Delicious homemade honey torte
The Difference Between a Torte and a Tart
Homemade sauerkraut in preserving jar
Serbian Sauerkraut and Beans
Dish of two liver dumplings
Czech Liver Dumpling Soup (Polevka z Jatrove Knedlicky)
Curd cheese strudel in baking tin with piece on server
Sweet Cheese Strudel Filling Recipe
Pierogi from Polana Foods online store
Eastern European Foods Defined
Carrot Ring for Passover on a platter
Carrot Ring for Passover
Slovak Halusky Dumplings
Slovak Halusky Dumplings
Poppy swiss roll slices
Czech Poppy Seed Sweet Roll (Kolace) Filling
Pork Cordon Bleu with salad garnish
Romanian Pork Cordon Bleu Schnitzels Recipe
Cherry Bublanina
Cherry Bublanina Recipe - Czech Tresnova Bublanina
Breaded meat
Romanian Breaded Meat Patties - Parjoale Moldovenesti
Traditional Bulgarian homemade breakfast Banitsa
Bulgarian Savory Cheese Pie
Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Golabki
Try These Tasty Eastern European Cabbage Recipes
Lithuanian Sauerkraut Soup
Lithuanian Sauerkraut Soup
Fresh salmon patties recipe
Fresh Salmon Patties
Traditional British Dishes. Berry crumble with rolled oats
5 Traditional Eastern European Desserts
Bone-In Pork Roast
Czech Roast Pork Loin (Veprova Pecene) Recipe
Serbian corn bread
Serbian Corn Bread (Srpska Proja)