Eastern European Main Dish Recipes

Find traditional Eastern European main course recipes for smoked fish, savory pies, cabbage rolls, sausages and more.
Cabbage Rolls in Tomatoes
Slovak Stuffed Cabbage (Holubky or Halupki)
Romanian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarmale)
Romanian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarmale)
A plate of Polish Kiszka (blood sausage)
Polish Blood Sausage (Kiszka) Recipe
Pagach stuffed with cabbage
Ukrainian and Slovak Pagach Bread (Pagac)
Serbian Sausages (Cevapcici)
Serbian Easter Recipes
Braised Pork Belly
Braised Pork Belly
Beef Brisket With Vegetables and Country Bread
Jewish Beef Brisket
Traditional Slovenia dish of sausages
Slovenian Carniolian Sausage
Stuffed cabbage
Balandeliai: Lithuanian Stuffed Cabbage
Holubtsi: Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage
Holubtsi: Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage
Pressure Cooker Stuffed Cabbage
Pressure-Cooker Stuffed Cabbage (Czech/Slovak Holubky)
Slovak potato sausage recipe
Slovak Potato Sausage (Bobrovecke Droby)
Potato Sausage on plate
Lithuanian Potato Sausage (Vedarai) Recipe
Artisan sauerkraut
7 Eastern European Sauerkraut Dishes
Slow Cooker Beef and Chicken Stew
Romanian Pork and Potato Stew
Potato lamb moussaka in individual saucepans
Croatian Potato Moussaka (Musaka od Krumpira) Recipe
Slovak Halusky Dumplings
Slovak Halusky Dumplings
Pork Cordon Bleu with salad garnish
Romanian Pork Cordon Bleu Schnitzels Recipe
Breaded meat
Romanian Breaded Meat Patties - Parjoale Moldovenesti
Fresh salmon patties recipe
Fresh Salmon Patties
Bone-In Pork Roast
Czech Roast Pork Loin (Veprova Pecene) Recipe
drob sarma plate
Bulgarian Drob Sarma
Homemade Bean Soup
Hungarian Bean Soup (Bab Leves)
Meatball in broth on a silver spoon
Romanian Sour Meatball Soup - Ciorba de Perisoare
Beet Soup
Ukrainian Meatless Beet Soup (Borshch)
Braised Oxtails
Oxtail Stew in Red Wine Recipe
Beef Roulade
Top 4 Savory Roulade Recipes
Fresh Sausage and Hot Dogs Grilling Outdoors on a Gas Barbecue Grill
The Ukrainian Kovbasa Sausage That Needs No Casing
Knish with Mustard
Jewish Meat Knishes
Plate with grilled duck breast, roast potatoes and red wine, close-up
Pan-Roasted Fillet of Duck Breast Recipe
Close-up Of Split Pea Soup Served In Bowl On Table
Top 11 Eastern European Hot Soup Recipes
Coffee Crumb Cake
Eastern European Breakfast Recipes
Stuffed Cabbage
Jewish Stuffed Cabbage (Holishkes)
Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubets or Holubtsi
Easy Eastern European Vegan Moussaka
Kasha Varniskes with buckwheat
Jewish Kasha Varnishkes (Bowtie Pasta With Buckwheat Groats)
Plate of crispy duck leg with winter vegetables
Bohemian Roast Duck (Pecena Kachna)
Easy Beef Cube Steak
Easy Beef Cube Steak
Polish Paczki doughnuts
Ukrainian Christmas Eve (Sviaty Vechir) Recipes
Kneading dough
Czech Potato Dumplings
Slovak sour mushroom soup recipe
Sour Mushroom Soup (Slovak Machanka)
Hungarian Sweet-and-Sour Cabbage Soup
Česnečka (Czech Garlic Soup)
Česnečka (Czech Garlic Soup)
Sudjuk Sausage
Common Bulgarian Sausage Varieties and Descriptions
Roasted MacFarlane pheasant
Roast Pheasant
Lithuanian Potato Pudding Kugelis Recipe
Traditional Lithuanian Potato Pudding (Kugelis)
Lithuanian Cepelinai (Zeppelin) Dumplings
How to Make Lithuanian Cepelinai (Zeppelin) Dumplings
Lithuanian Potato-Meat Dumplings (Cepelinai)
Lithuanian Potato-Meat Dumplings (Cepelinai)
Croatian Bean Soup (Grah i Varivah)
Croatian Bean Soup (Grah i Varivah)
Rack of pork, garnished with parsley and fresh vegetables
Roast Rack of Pork
Cold beet soup
Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup (Saltibarsciai)
Hungarian Lecso
Top Eastern European Stew Recipes
Easter meatloaf
Easter Meatloaf Recipe
Slovenian Bean and Sauerkraut Hotpot or Jota
Slovenian Bean and Sauerkraut Hotpot (Jota)
Stack of pancakes in cast iron dish
Lithuanian Pancake - Blynai or Sklindziai
Romanian cornmeal porridge
Romanian Cornmeal Porridge (Mamaliga)
Lazy man's cholent
Lazy Man's Cholent
Roasted Duck Breast
5 Delicious Polish Thanksgiving Recipes