All the Recipes You Need for a Cracking Bonfire Night

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    Easy Bonfire Night Recipes

    Bonfire Night UK. Getty Images

    Remember, remember the 5th of November a night filled with fun, fireworks and of course Bonfire Night food. The night is also known as Guy Fawkes night and as it is on the 5th November. Invariably the weather is freezing, sometimes even wet and warm. But the food is always comforting and easy to eat around the bonfire food whatever the weather throws at you.
    These are my favorites for Bonfire Night some traditional and all bringing cheer to the festivities.

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    Bonfire Toffee Recipe Also Known as Treacle Toffee

    Bonfire Toffee. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    At the top of my list is. No Bonfire night would be complete without it. Be warned it is extremely moreish, so make plenty.

    Treacle toffee is easy to make but does require caution; the toffee reached incredibly high temperatures so please take care.

    Bonfire Toffee is also known as Treacle Toffee and Plot Toffee.

    f you have an exceptionally sweet tooth, then try Scottish tablet, not a tradition on Guy Fawkes night but fun to eat. 


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    Yorkshire Parkin Recipe

    Yorkshire Parkin. Elaine Lemm - istock

    A Bonfire Night 'must' is  Parkin the lovely Yorkshire form of gingerbread. The cake is warmed with  ginger, nutmeg and mixed spice and  and black treacle and so easy to make. The perfect cake for Bonfire Night. Parkin from Yorkshire is characterised from other Parkin by using oats in the recipe.

    Also fun round the fire, anything sweet thing which includes to ginger. 


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    Traditional Flapjack Recipe

    Traditional British Flapjacks. Dorling Kindersley - Getty

    Not to be confused with American flapjack (pancakes) traditional Flapjack is a soft, chewy, cake-like bar made from oats, fruits and golden syrup or treacle. Traditional flapjack is perfect for Bonfire Night as it can be made in advance and brought out on the night and because it is small, very easy to eat.

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    A Warming Cup of Soup

    Hearty Vegetable and Pasta Soup. Picture Elaine Lemm

    How perfect on a cold night in front of the bonfire is a large mug or cup of soup, great for keeping out the chills. Soups can be made well in advance and make bonfire night food really easy as it simply needs to be warmed up. Add some crusty bread to make it even more filling.


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    Great for a Crowd - Shepherd's Pie

    Traditional Cottage Pie Recipe.

    Shepherd's Pie is a perfect Bonfire night food if you have a crowd. Make a large one, provide spoons, and then everyone can simply help themselves. Shepherd's Pie is so easy, and cheap, to make it's the perfect food for a crowd.

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    Enjoy a Pie or Pasty Round the Fire (Don't Forget the Peas)

    Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe. Getty - 7912361

    Easy to make, easy to hold making them easy to eat, Cornish pasties really are a perfect Bonfire night food. Make them even more appealing by serving with Mushy Peas on the side. Yummy.

    For a Vegetarian

    Peas (a Must)

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    Bangers and Mash - Perfect for Bonfire Night

    Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy. Getty Images

    Maybe not the easiest to eat but delicious all the same is a big plate of Bangers and Mash. Thick, fat, sizzling sausages with a creamy mash and lashings of onion gravy make it a real comforting food for Bonfire Night.

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    For Vegetarians - Chickpea Curry

    Chickpea Curry - Chickpea Curry Recipe
    Chickpea Curry. Photo ©

    Chickpea curry makes a delightful dish for vegetarians (meat-eaters also love it) on Bonfire night, like the dishes above it is warming and filling and easy to eat. Serve with Naan bread or chapatis and you won't even need knives and forks.


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    And to Drink - Hot Wine

    Mulled Wine. Getty

    If hot wine works for skiing and festive celebrations then it is great for Bonfire night. Hot wine with its spices and sugar warms right through. Add a splash of Cognac, even better!