Easy Casseroles

Red and White Tortellini. Linda Larsen

Casseroles, by definition, are entree recipes that include a meat, vegetables, some type of sauce, and usually cheese, baked in a single dish or cooked in the crock pot. These easy casserole recipes are quick to make, are great to make ahead of time, and serve your family with ease.

If you're interested in buying a casserole dish, there are a few things to consider. Pay attention to the size of the dish called for in these recipes. Casseroles should fill a dish within about 1" of the top, so there's room for bubbling, but not too much room so the food dries out or overcooks. You can use glass casserole dishes or metal pans; it doesn't matter. Be sure to spray them with nonstick cooking spray or grease them with butter before you add the food for easier cleanup.

These recipes are made to be varied! Use turkey instead of chicken. If your family isn't crazy about asparagus, substitute green beans. Use your favorite cheese or a different herb or spice to change the flavor. And be sure to write down your new creation so you can reproduce it!

Easy Casserole Recipes

  • Chicken Tortellini Casserole
    Just five ingredient make this delicious recipe so easy. This recipe is very adaptable too; use ham or turkey in place of the chicken, use asparagus or peas in place of the broccoli, or use another type of sauce.
  • Sicilian Casserole
    Boy, people either love or hate this recipe. I don't understand the hate; this is one of my go-to comfort foods. Cream cheese, ground beef, noodles; what's not to like?
  • Creamy Pierogie and Squash Casserole
    This recipe couldn't be easier. Just layer ingredients in a casserole and bake. Done!
  • Creamy Chicken and Veggies Casserole
    This recipe looks long, but it goes together quickly. A super creamy chicken and veggies mixture is topped with a cheesy crumb topping that gets crunchy as it bakes. I love this dish.
  • Midwestern Lasagna
    This recipe is a twist on the classic lasagna. It uses gemelli pasta instead of the broad lasagna noodles and has no white sauce. It's comforting, hearty, and warming.
  • Pizza Spaghetti Style
    Pasta is coated with eggs and milk, then topped with a rich mushroom and beef sauce. The whole thing is topped with lots of cheese and pepperoni. Yum!
  • Updated Meatball Stew En Casserole
    The original recipe for this dish takes a long time to make! But with my updates, it's a snap. This hearty and warming recipe is pure comfort food.
  • Steak Casserole with Sesame Dumplings
    Round steak is baked with mushrooms, tomatoes, and other vegetables, then topped with mustard-flavored, sesame-coated dumplings.
  • Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Casserole
    This easy recipe cooks to perfection in your crock pot. I love the combination of wild rice with tender chicken and smoky bacon.
  • Red and White Tortellini
    This is the easiest casserole recipe ever. Ever.
  • Indulgent Mac and Cheese
    Yes, there are lots of macaroni and cheese recipes out there. But this one is the best. By far.
  • Tuna Alfredo Casserole
    Another five ingredient recipe that's easy and packed full of flavor.
  • Chicken Potato Casserole
    Hash brown potatoes, frozen veggies, chicken, and sour cream combine in a great casserole dish topped with cheese and potato chips. This is homestyle comfort!
  • Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini
    Another five ingredient recipe! I love how the tortellini cooks in the crockpot so you don't have to boil a big pot of water. It soaks up more of the flavor of the sauce too.
  • Chicken Potato Bake
    Chicken bakes on a creamy bed of potatoes and vegetables in this easy one dish meal. I love it.
  • Pesto Meatballs and Orzo
    You didn't think I could make a collection of main dish recipes without using pesto at least once, did you? I love this flavorful and satisfying recipe.
  • Meatball and Fries Casserole
    Kids will adore this casserole! So will adults. It's kind of a guilty pleasure, with nutrition.
  • Crockpot Barley Casserole
    And finally, another vegetarian option. This easy recipe using nutty barley and meaty mushrooms is cooked in the slow cooker so it's ready when you get home.