Easy Cheesy Pizza Recipes are Super Tasty

Mix and Match Crusts and Toppings

Deep Dish Skillet Pizza
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Everybody loves pizza. I think it's an ideal quick dinner for busy weeknights. If you keep a supply of prebaked crusts in your freezer and have a few simple toppings on hand, even a family with different schedules can have a hot meal. Pita breads and French bread can be the base for pizzas too, as well as tortillas and focaccia bread. Use your imagination to come up with great bases and toppings! But first, go read Tips for Making the Best Pizza.

If your kids are old enough to use the oven by themselves, let them make and bake their own individual pizza recipes for snacks or dinner on the run. And, remember, you can make your own homemade healthy pizza recipes in less time than it takes to have one delivered - at less than half the price.

Pizza Crusts

Easy Pizza Recipes

The key to a good pizza is the crust. If you're a fan of thick crust pizza, Boboli crusts are an excellent choice. You can buy them in many different flavors, they freeze beautifully, and they only need cheese and maybe some tomato sauce for a super quick dinner. For thin crust fans, you can make individual yeast pizza crusts ahead of time, prebake them and store them in the freezer. Baking mixes (like Bis-Quick-As-A-Wink) can be used for a super quick crunchy crust. Refrigerated pizza crusts in cans are ready in minutes.

Try mixing the dough in your bread machine, then form the crusts, top, and bake. You can use English muffins, pita breads, tortillas, or toasted French bread slices for the crusts. And Doug just wrote and said that rye bread is a great crust, especially those little cocktail rye breads you use for appetizers. He says, "You add the sauce, toppings, and cheese and bake for 7 - 10 minutes (the crust should be slightly toasted and the cheese melted.) I keep pre-cooked hamburger, chopped onion, green peppers in the freezer, and/or pre-sliced pepperoni and whatnot. The peppers and onion are in small packages and are partly cooked by microwaving. I can have a meal on the table in 15 minutes that my family loves." Fabulous idea.

Pizza recipes are baked until the crust is done, so if you're inventing your own pizza recipes, bake the pizza according to the crust recipe instructions. Most toppings are pre-cooked, so they only need to be heated, melted, and browned. Once you find a crust you and your family like, you're in business.

The topping ideas for pizzas are endless. Plain old pepperoni and cheese are good but don't stop there. Think about your favorite sandwiches and transform those ingredients into pizza toppings. Browse through international cookbooks and use the flavors and textures from other cuisines to create new pizzas. And remember to include your kid's favorite flavors too. A make-your-own pizza dinner is a wonderful way to get the family together in your cozy kitchen. Enjoy pizza night!