Nachos Recipes

Creative New Ways to Enjoy This Hearty Mexican Snack

There's no reason to wait to go to a good Mexican restaurant to enjoy nachos. These recipes will give you lots of ways to enjoy this crunchy, cheesy snack. Of course, nachos make great football-watching food and a terrific appetizer or snack, but I sometimes serve them for dinner, too. Think of them like open-faced tacos, and let your imagination lead you into new and creative directions.

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    Beef and Cheese Nachos

    Beef nachos
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    This recipe is so hearty, these nachos could be a complete meal. Tortilla chips are topped with ground beef, corn, two kinds of cheese and fresh cilantro. Try jazzing this recipe up by trying different flavored tortilla chips. I think these nachos taste great with lime, blue corn or sweet potato tortilla chips, too.

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    Buffalo Chicken Nachos Recipe

    Buffalo chicken nachos
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    If you're a fan of Buffalo chicken wings, you will adore this nachos recipe. The tortilla chips are topped with cooked shredded chicken, hot wing sauce, cheddar and blue cheese and are garnished with chopped fresh celery.

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    Pulled Pork Nachos Recipe

    Pulled pork nachos
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    The sweet-spicy flavor of pulled pork is the perfect partner for nachos, as this recipe proves. I like to make this dish somewhat spicy by using pepper jack cheese, but feel free to use cheddar, monterey jack or a combination of cheeses if you don't like hot foods. Serve these nachos topped with sour cream, fresh chopped cilantro and homemade peach salsa.

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    Microwave Nachos Recipe

    Easy microwave nachos

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    If the kids want to make nachos themselves, but they aren't quite old enough to use the oven, teach them how to make microwave nachos. This recipe is super quick and easy. Try topping these nachos with homemade guacamole.

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    Chicken Nachos

    Chicken nachos
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    Got leftover rotisserie chicken? Turn it into these super simple nachos. This recipe has only three ingredients, but feel free to add toppings. Sour cream, tomato salsa and sliced fresh or jarred jalapeno peppers (warning: they're spicy) would all be great.

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    Nachos with Cheese and Beans

    Bean nachos
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    This hearty nachos recipe may not look healthy, but it is actually full of protein, fiber and calcium. The secret is the refried beans. You can make this recipe vegetarian simply by using vegetarian refried beans. Try making these nachos with multi-grain tortilla chips, too. They're excellent and another good source of fiber.