5 Easy Dinner Recipes Everyone Will Love

Quick dinner meals aren't worth my time (said no person EVER!)

Check out these quick dinner meals
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You and the family walk in the door and dump all of things. But maybe it's even before this entrance that everyone starts asking "What's for dinner?"

Oh, then the brainstorming begins! What is for dinner? Oh what you wouldn't give to have a personal chef waiting in your kitchen!

Until that day comes let's get back to reality and also back to the answering the question on everyone's mind. From ramen stir fry and chicken tenders to a simple casserole, these quick dinner recipes are easy and use only a few ingredients. Delight your kids and make meal time a breeze with these quick dinner recipes.

Tips! My family is (pretty much) gluten-free, so I've added my "tips" to each recipe to turn the meal GF friendly.

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    Easy Baked Quesadillas

    Quick Dinner Quesadillas
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    I think my kids learned to say tortilla before they could lisp bread. Quesadillas, their favorite cheesy tortilla dinner, are a staple in our household. These easy baked quesadillas can be made with almost any leftovers in your fridge: steak, portabella mushrooms, chicken, pork or leave them plain cheese.

    (Tip: The gluten-free bread brand, UDI's, makes yummy soft tortilla's. Also, I'd skip the shredded cheese as some are not gluten-free. Give one of the older kids a cheese shredder and cheddar cheese!)

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    Easy Chicken Tenders

    Easy Chicken Tenders
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    These easy chicken tenders are one of the few foods I can count on my children eating without no complaints. This apricot-flavored chicken tenders recipe will save you time and avoid complaints from picky eaters.

    (Tip: If you want to make it gluten-free swap out the bread crumbs for gluten-free ones! Can't taste the difference with the honey mustard/ketchup!)

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    Simple Ramen Stir-Fry

    Ramen stir fry recipe
    Katherine Lewis

    I love this recipe for simple ramen stir-fry because it's a simple, fast route to a balanced meal. With noodles, vegetables, eggs and a dash of protein, you can hit all the food groups in about ten minutes of prep and cooking time.

    (Tip: Ramen noodles are off-limits for gluten sufferers. My suggestion (although not as tasty) is to boil water, toss in a few chicken bouillon cubes to your taste, then add rice noodles and cook. Be sure that your bouillon cubes are GF.)

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    "5 Ingredient" Casseroles

    Chicken and Rice Casserole
    Check out all of these casserole dishes. Getty Images/LauriPatterson

    When I first started cooking for a family, the long lists of ingredients in my new cookbooks intimidated me. I never knew what I could leave out or substitute. The 5 ingredient casseroles were made for people like me. With just a few staples, you can whip up a nutritious dinner for the whole family!

    (Tip: There are SO many casserole dishes it's hard to give a GF option for all. So, in general, you could sub in gluten-free pasta and/or Gluten Free Cafe cream of mushroom soup)

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    Tomato Cheese Fish Fillets

    Tomato Cheese Fish Fillets
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    You can cook these easy fish fillets in your microwave and have them on the table before your kids have unpacked their backpacks and washed their hands. The cheesy topping offers a great way to get fish into their diets.

    Tip:  This is a pretty much a gluten-free dish as long as you shred the cheese yourself!  Whoot!

Why Do We Really Like Quick Meals?

We want to be able to sit and be with our family. Dinner can be stressful with yours and other's stomachs rumbling. Hunger pains can cause a ruckus in the house so the quicker you can feed your crowd the quicker everyone is happy and you get to wind down.

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