28 Easy Finger Food Recipes for Your Next Party

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Salmon Crostini
Leah Maroney

Add fresh flavors and fun combinations to your next party with these easy recipes for snacks and bites that you can easily pick up and eat with your fingers. Fully and truly. There is not a single thing on this list that requires a fork or a spoon—a few items benefit from a toothpick, but more for neatness than necessity.

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    Bacon-Wrapped Figs
    Molly Watson

    This recipe for bacon-wrapped figs is more or less in the name—figs wrapped in bacon and baked. Sweet and salty and totally delicious. Oh, and if you like, you can stuff them with cheese or an almond (or both!) before wrapping them for even more flavor!

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    Garlicky Baked Clams
    Molly Watson

    A topping of garlic, breadcrumbs, and parsley, and a quick turn in the oven, transform clams into fun party food that come in their own organic and compostable serving vessel—just eat them right out of the shell.

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    Beet Chips
    Juj Winn / Getty Images

    Thinly sliced beets, hot oil, and just a sprinkle of salt make a fun party food guests can't resist. See how easy it is to make beet chips.

    Looking for something even sweeter? Try sweet potato chips. Looking for something baked? See these zucchini chips. Looking for something more traditional? Try homemade potato chips.

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    Pimientons de Padron (Padron Peppers)
    Molly Watson

    Padron peppers are a specialty of the Galicia region of Spain. They have a delicate heat (their flavor is more grassy than spicy). Simply cook them in a hot pan and sprinkle with salt—the recipe is just that easy.

    Another option is shishito peppers, a similar treat from Japan.

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    BLT Dip
    Molly Watson

    Sun-dried tomatoes and crumbled bacon give this dip an insane amount of flavor—intense flavor perfectly balanced by serving it with fresh, crisp lettuce leaves for scooping up the dip.

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    Buttermilk Fried Green Beans
    Molly Watson

    These green beans are very lightly coated by a quick soak in buttermilk and then a shake in some seasoned flour for a crispy coating that's almost like a tempura batter before being quickly fried. Serve with cherry tomatoes on the same plate or platter for color and brightness. Sit back as guests pop one after another in their mouths.

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    Chicken Onigiri
    Molly Watson

    Onigiri are a traditional dish in Japan, where they are often part of packed lunch. These hand-formed rice balls also make a fabulously substantial hors d'œuvres. Make them as small and bite-sized as you like. Offer a dipping sauce of one part chili oil and two parts soy sauce or tamari alongside if your crowd likes spicy.

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    Relish Tray
    LOVE_LIFE / Getty Images

    The classic relish tray includes a few crudités—carrot sticks and celery stalks play the traditional starring roles, but radishes and cherry tomatoes and fennel wedges are all equally good choices—with some olives and pickled or marinated vegetables. Make your tray special with this homemade items:

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    Fried Okra
    Molly Watson

    Freshly fried okra is a real treat, and it's easy to make in big batches to pass at a party. This version fries the okra pods whole, making them easier to handle, and coats them with cornmeal for extra crunch.

    Don't feel like frying? Try grilled okra instead!

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    Crispy Eggplant Sticks
    Molly Watson

    These fried eggplant sticks are inspired by the ones served at Galatoire's in New Orleans. The Tabasco and powdered sugar for dipping may sound odd, but you need to try it—the combination with the earthy eggplant tastes delicious.

    Sound good but you don't feel like frying? Try this baked version instead.

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    Fig Crostini
    Molly Watson

    One of the best flavor-to-effort ratios is simply chopped figs seasoned with salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil on toast. Add a smear of cream cheese, fresh chevre, or other spreadable cheese, if you like. 

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    Corn Fritters
    Molly Watson

    These super easy and light corn patties are full of fresh corn so they pop with sweetness. If you feel the need to jazz them up, add a spot of pesto or salsa fresca.

    No fresh corn around? Try cauliflower fritters or zucchini fritters instead. 

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    Fried Mushrooms
    Molly Watson

    The deep savory earthiness of mushrooms is intensified when you coat them lightly and fry them up. Sprinkle them liberally with fleur de sel or other high-quality flaky sea salt and serve them hot.

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    Fresh Spring Rolls
    Molly Watson

    Spring rolls, summer rolls, salad rolls... whatever you call them, these delightful rolls are full of fresh vegetables and tons of flavor!  

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    Fried Zucchini Blossoms
    Molly Watson

    These ​Italian-style fried zucchini blossoms are best while they're still hot, but if the party's small and you're willing, your guests will love them. Fry them plain, or stuff them with a small bit of mild, soft cheese first for a more decadent snack.

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    Grilled Shrimp With Lemon Butter
    Bob Ingelhart / Getty Images

    A quick turn on a hot grill and a bit of easy-to-make lemon butter make prawns or shrimp the perfect party food—easy to pass and easy to eat.

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    Baked Kale Chips
    antonios mitsopoulos / Getty Images

    Store-bought kale chips are often covered with all kinds of processed and fake flavorings—no such worries when you bake them yourself. And that's all it takes, too, baking. These kale chips couldn't be easier and you can make them the morning of the party.

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    Minted Lamb Meatballs
    Molly Watson

    A plate of these lamb meatballs and a salad makes a delicious dinner, but they are so fully spiced that you can also just poke a toothpick in each one and pass them at a party.

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    Plate of Oysters
    Molly Watson

    Sure, they're a bit of work, but freshly shucked oysters turn any gathering into a party. Serve them with wedges of lemon, Tabasco, or maybe a bit of cocktail sauce. Or, mix things up and serve grilled oysters instead.

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    Salmon Crostini
    Leah Maroney

    Herbed ricotta cheese is a fluffy switch from classic cream cheese in these beautiful brunch crostini

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    Spicy Roasted Cauliflower
    Molly Watson

    You may think of roasted cauliflower as more of a side dish, but this version gets such a hefty dusting of spices (mixed in with a liberal coating of butter) before being roasted, they can stand their own as an hors d'œuvres. 

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    Stuffed Grape Leaves
    Lesya Dolyk / Flicker / CC By 2.0

    While stuffed grape leaves take a bit of time and effort to make, they can be prepared a full day ahead to great effect. Make sure to taste the filling to make sure it's as seasoned as you like it!

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    Swedish Meatballs
    Melanie Acevedo / Getty Images

    Give your party a retro, but delicious, vibe by offering up classic Swedish meatballs—a simple toothpick works from transporting from serving vessel to mouth.

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    Sweet Potato Dip
    Molly Watson

    A little salt, a little spice, and you can turn sweet potatoes into a tasty dip perfect for chips or other vegetables. Think of it as a super flavorful, super colorful hummus.

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    Teriyaki Wings
    Diana Rattray

    Sweet, sticky, and made in the slow-cooker, these Teriyaki chicken wings are a crowd favorite that requires minimal effort by the host (be sure to offer them with plenty of napkins, though, that sauce can get messy!).

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    Lettuce Wraps
    Darlene Schmidt

    Offer these lettuce wraps pre-filled (as pictured) or serve the filling on the side for guests to add themselves.

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    Greek Cheese Triangles
    MIB Pictures / Getty Images

    A wonderfully savory cheese mixture gets folded up into phyllo dough and baked until the cheese is melty and the dough is crunchy golden in this Greek favorite.

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    Zucchini Dip
    Molly Watson

    Serious alchemy takes place here as shredded summer squash and butter get turned into a luscious dip. Serve ​this zucchini spread for people to use as a dip with crackers or veggies, or spread in on toasts and top with a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper or another lightly spicy element as a super-easy crostini treat.