Easy Kids Christmas Cookies Recipes

Easy Recipes for Christmas Cookies to Make with Kids

Mother and daughter baking cookies
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When it comes to holiday baking, a lot of us like to imagine making cookies with the kids, but we don't actually want to do it because the recipes are so hard. These easy kids Christmas cookies are recipes that you can actually make with the kids. This collection includes some classic Christmas cookie recipes, like sugar cookies and Mexican wedding cookies, plus some new flavor combinations, like my chocolate ginger cookies, which have a sophisticated flavor that appeals to both kids and...MORE adults alike.

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    Peppermint Kiss Cookies Recipe

    Peppermint Kiss Cookies
    Peppermint Kiss Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    There's something about plopping a Hershey kiss in the middle of a cookie that just appeals to kids. And this recipe pairs two great holiday flavors into one delectable cookie: chocolate and peppermint. Give these kiss cookies a try - the kids will adore them!

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    Chocolate Ginger Cookies
    Chocolate Ginger Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Chocolate and ginger are a surprisingly wonderful pairing. And these ginger cookies are so soft, they melt in your mouth. Be sure to use crystallized ginger - is is already rolled in sugar and really adds an extra depth of flavor.


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    Cranberry White Chocolate cookies
    Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Cranberries and white chocolate chips pair beautifully together. And even though these cookies look complicated, the recipe is really easy enough for kids to make. Just mix everything, drop onto cookie sheets and bake!


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    Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

    Thumbprint Cookies Recipe
    Thumbprint Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Kids love making these cookies, because they get to play with the dough. If you want to switch things up a bit, try using different flavors of jelly.


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    Easy Peanut Butter Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

    peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate
    Peanut Butter Cookies Dipped in Chocolate. Stephanie Gallagher

    This recipe is one of the easiest cookie recipes you and the kids can make, because it has just four ingredients. You mix, roll into balls, bake and dip in chocolate. Can a recipe get any easier?

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    Pretzel Kisses
    Pretzel Kisses. Stephanie Gallagher

    I'm not sure these pretzel kisses are technically cookies, but the kids adore making them. With just three ingredients, this recipe couldn't be easier. Use red and green M&Ms for a festive touch.


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    Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

    Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Chocolate Chip Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Christmas cookies don't have to be fancy. They just have to taste good, and these chocolate chip cookies certainly score big on that count. Soft and chewy, this chocolate chip cookie recipes is sure to become one of the kids' favorite Christmas cookie recipes.


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    Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

    Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
    Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    Kids love pressing the peanut butter cups into the center of these cookies. And everybody loves the flavor of these cookies. Whenever I make these, whether for the holidays, a bake sale or just for fun, they disappear fast!

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    Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies with Macadamia Nuts

    Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
    Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies. Stephanie Gallagher

    A cake mix makes these chocolate cookies a cinch to prepare, and the macadamia nuts really makes this recipe special.

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    Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe

    Soft Sugar Cookies
    Soft Sugar Cookies. Liza McCorkle/Getty Images

    These festive sugar cookies are a perfect recipe to make with the kids, because you don't have to mess with rolling out and cutting the dough. A quick roll in colored sugar gives these simple cookies a holiday look.

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