Easy Labor Day Burger Menu

All American Burgers. Linda Larsen

Labor Day, the last blast of summer, is best celebrated with a meal on the grill. If the weather is bad, grill indoors! Dual contact grills and stovetop grills replicate the charcoal or gas grill beautifully, even if the atmosphere isn't exactly the same!

This menu is very easy to make. Everything can be made ahead of time, except the burgers which have to be cooked at the last minute. Make the patties and refrigerate them, well covered.

Let them stand at room temperature for about 15 minutes before you cook them so the meat loses a bit of its chill; the meat will cook more evenly.

Remember to fly your flag and set the table with patriotic plates, napkins, and flowers. Enjoy the day with family and friends so you can greet the new school year with enthusiasm!

Easy Labor Day Burger Menu

  • Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
    If you're a bacon lover, this is the appetizer recipe for you! Make a lot of these little gems because people gobble them down like popcorn. I love this recipe and make it for every summer party.
  • All-American Burgers
    These wonderful burgers are the classic treat served at summer holiday meals in the U.S. Use a meat thermometer to make sure that your burgers are safe before serving them to guests. Put out thickly sliced ripe red tomatoes, condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup, toasted onion buns and classic hamburger buns, and cool crisp lettuce. Let your guests assemble their own masterpiece.
  • My Mother's Potato Salad
    This salad is always served at every picnic and summer gathering at my house. Everyone who eats it begs for the recipe. Try it and you'll be hooked too!
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
    As long as you're grilling, grill some corn! This super easy recipe turns plain old corn on the cob into a smoky and juicy treat. Serve it with lots of butter.
  • Fruit Salad With Pineapple and Lime
    And this salad of juicy and tart fruit is the perfect accompaniment to the burgers, potato salad, and corn. It's like summer in a bowl! Use the fruits that look best in the market; and choose your favorites.
  • Chocolate Filled Angel Food
    This simple and luscious dessert feeds a crowd. It's very easy to make and actually gets better as it sits in the fridge. Everyone will love it.