4 Easy Low Carb Appetizers On A Stick

Easy low carb sugar free entertaining recipe making isn't as hard as one would think. When you have these creative ideas up your sleeve you can get some variety in your life without all your guests even realizing you might be watching your sugar and carbs. They won't even care these recipes are low in carbs or sugar simply because they are all fabulous and delicious! Easy to make ahead and fun to eat, all enjoyed with your fingers. Planning ahead is always the key when it comes to maintaining your healthy life style or if you are just beginning to go sugar free. I'm always looking for recipes that make it easy to eat sugar free and low carb.

Carbs aren't all bad, some carbs take longer to digest in your body and don't cause as much of a blood sugar spike as others. But all carbs even from healthy fruit do turn to sugar in your body. If you are just watching your intake of added sugars then this might not be of concern for you. If you have been watching you sugar but still having issues with sugar cravings, watching how many grams of carbs you are ingesting might be of help. Sugar cravings and the foods that cause those cravings depends a lot on each person. For many years I was able to enjoy natural sugars without concern but as the years of being sugar free, I've come to notice even those natural sugars cause some cravings for more. Now I limit my natural sugars as in fruit to just a few times a week and all my sweeteners of choice are sugar free alternatives like stevia and erythritol that do not raise blood sugar.