4 Easy Recipes To Teach Your Kids Before They Turn 12

Getting kids in the kitchen to help cook is one of the easiest ways to foster a love of food. Kids are more likely to try and love foods that they can take ownership in having prepared than those dishes that are just plopped in front of them at mealtimes. By the time kids are 12 they are quite self-sufficient and able to take on more tasks in the kitchen with a little less supervision from mom and dad. Here are 4 easy recipes to teach your kids before they turn 12 so they can start making their...MORE own breakfasts and after school snacks. Maybe they’ll even start making meals for you soon!

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    Catherine McCord

    On the weekends when we would rather be doing an art project or play a board game then be in the kitchen I’ve been toasting up tons of olive bread purchased from our favorite bread vendor at the farmers market, mash tons of ripe avocado with a touch of salt and lime juice (preventing the avocado from browning) and top with a few sweet halved cherry tomatoes. Not only is the end result filled with eye appeal from all of the colors and textures, but it only take minutes to prepare. I would try to get your hands on a few ripe avocados for this recipe as I guarantee everyone will be asking for seconds and even thirds! 

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    Catherine McCord

    I made vanilla pudding out of a box for years until I realized a) what was in most boxed brands and b) just how simple it is to make homemade. After years of playing around with my recipe I ended up with this luscious version made with vanilla and cinnamon. I promise that it will totally knock your socks off. The best part about this recipe is that I can fill a bunch of ramekins to the brim with pudding and keep them covered in the fridge for days to have on hand for a last minute snack.

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    Catherine McCord

    Wee Gazpacho is one of my husband's favorite foods (he begs me to make it even in the depth of winter but the thought of making it when tomatoes are not in season goes against everything I stand for!) and it is the quintessential summer soup ‐‐ totally cool, light and refreshing.

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    Catherine McCord

    While many people think of using eggs only in breakfast dishes or baked goods, for me eggs have always been an awesome dinner choice as well. Used in this Pasta Veggie Scramble, the result is a spectacular choice for vegetarians or families on a budget since you probably already have fresh eggs in your fridge and a box full of spaghetti in your pantry. The addition of just a few fresh vegetables and some grated cheese are the only other things you'll need to produce this filling entree that's totally scrumptious and super quick to make.