Easy Shabbos Desserts

Easy Shabbos Desserts

Don't you sometimes finish making the soup, matzo balls, fish, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and salad and fun out of energy before it is time to make dessert? This list of really easy Shabbos desserts aims to be a helpful resource for you. When you're out of steam, look here to find Easy Shabbos Desserts you can whip up in just minutes.

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    Shabbos cake
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    Once you get the hang of the cake, you can make it on autopilot in less than 10 minutes (if you've remembered to leave out the margarine to soften). Another plus is that everyone is very likely to have the ingredients for this kosher Shabbos cake on hand--a big plus for those averse to last minute shopping. Furthermore, you can change the fruit used in the recipe each week so no one will ever get tired of the cake.


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    Get the great taste of chocolate chip cookies without taking the time to form each cookies. Blondies are chocolate chip cookies in the form of brownies. Just prepare the dough, pour into a baking pan, and bake chocolate chip cookie bars.

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    Fruit soup
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    Fruit Soup - easy to make and refreshing to eat - is the perfect summer dessert. This recipe is economical, as it uses in-season produce (not expensive dried fruits). It is healthy, as it contains no fat and can be made without sugar. And it is parve, which means it can be served after any kosher meal (meat or dairy).

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    An enthusiastic visitor to the Kosher Food site and mother of three has contributed this Quick Kosher Cookie Recipe. It is very easy to make with just four ingredients and four steps. And it is very versatile as a variety of cake mixes and mix-ins can be used. Surprise your kids today with these tasty treats.

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    Peanut butter cookies
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    Deborah Cigary emailed in this recipe for kosher Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies. Give this easy, three-ingredient (peanut butter, sugar, egg) recipe to your kids, and let them prepare a delicious, parve dessert for the whole family this Shabbos. I just made a batch, and my son walked into the kitchen and said "how'd you do that so fast?" And then he took a bite, and said "yum!"