5 Quick and Easy Shabbos Desserts

There's always time to make a delicious dessert

Preparing a meal for Shabbat often involves making the soup, matzo balls, fish, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and salad. It can easily leave you with no energy or time left to make dessert. That's when you'll want an easy Shabbos dessert recipe or two at the ready. These sweets can be whipped up in just a few minutes so they're perfect for that last-minute rush to get everything ready.​

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    Kosher Blondies (Parve)


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    Get the great taste of chocolate chip cookies without taking the time to form each cookie. Blondies are simply chocolate chip cookies baked in the form of brownies. All you have to do is prepare the dough, pour it into a baking pan, and bake these tempting cookie bars. Choose non-dairy chocolate chips to make them parve.

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    Quick Kosher Cookies (Parve or Dairy)

    Cake Mix Cookies
    Vanilla Bean Cake Mix Cookies customized with cranberries and white chocolate.

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    Homebaked cookies are incredibly fast to make when you start out with a cake mix. Many cake mixes are dairy-free so your cookies can be parve. These delicious kosher cookies are made with just four ingredients and in four simple steps. The recipe is also very versatile, as you can make either cookies or bars. You can use a variety of cake mixes and add any mix-ins you like to surprise your kids with these tasty treats.

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    Easy Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies (Parve)

    3-ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

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    If you have children who are interested in helping out with Shabbos prep, give them this incredibly easy recipe to work on. It uses just three ingredients—peanut butter, sugar, and an egg—and is a great introduction to the kitchen. They're surprisingly delicious and the whole family will love them.

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    Dried Fruit Compote (Parve)

    Dried Fruit Compote
    Dried Fruit Compote.

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    Fruit compotes are a wonderful Shabbat dessert and it's really easy when you use dried fruit. This recipe combines plums, apricots, and raisins in a sweet, spiced syrup that is a delight any time of year. Since it needs to be chilled for a few hours anyway, it's the ideal recipe to make ahead of time.

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    Perfect Parve Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Layer Cake

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    It's entirely possible to create a yummy parve chocolate cake in less than an hour. It is even flourless so it can be served during Passover. This recipe creates a base with eggs, sugar, and bittersweet chocolate. After baking and cooling, it's topped with a parve whipped topping and vanilla pudding mix. Garnish it with a few chocolate flakes and everyone will be delighted when you bring it to the table for dessert.