10 Side Dishes Your Family Will Love

Side dishes are often the last thought on my mind, especially on busy weeknights. But I have a stable of "go to" recipes I turn to again and again, because they're easy and my family likes them. Here are my top ten.

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    Grilled Vegetables Recipe

    Grilled vegetables
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    This is one of those recipes that you can vary dozens of different ways with different vegetables and salad dressings. For this grilled vegetables recipe, we've used zucchini and mushrooms here, but you can also use onions, red peppers, asparagus, eggplant and more. If you're having trouble with the vegetables falling through the grill grates, just grill them whole, then cut after grilling.

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    Roasted Green Beans Recipe

    Green beans
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    This roasted green beans recipe requires very little prep time, yet tastes amazing. If you want the kids to eat green beans like French fries, try this easy side dish recipe.

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    Broccoli With Cheese Sauce Recipe

    Broccoli and cheddar
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    The broccoli for this recipe is steamed in the microwave, so it's a pretty quick side. To make this broccoli with cheese sauce recipe even easier, use pre-washed, pre-chopped broccoli, which you can find in the produce section of your supermarket.

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    Crockpot Rice Recipe

    Simple Crock Pot Rice

    The Spruce

    Want foolproof rice without having to watch the clock? This crockpot rice recipe is the answer. Use jasmine or basmati rice for the fastest results (it'll take 1-1/2 to 2 hours) or converted rice, if you want to give it 4 hours or so.

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    Crispy Kale Recipe

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    Kale is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, making this super healthy crispy kale recipe a hit for the entire family. And this preparation for kale is not only easy, it's incredibly tasty, too. The roasting mellows the kale and makes it crunchy.

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    Broccoli Salad Recipe

    Broccoli Salad With Bacon

    The Spruce

    This broccoli salad recipe is one of those dishes that is great for potlucks, and people always want the recipe. The combination of crunchy, creamy, sweet and salty is amazing. To save time, use pre-cut broccoli florets and pre-cooked bacon for this easy side dish.

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    Mashed Cauliflower Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe

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    This hearty mashed cauliflower twice baked potatoes recipe has lots of flavors kids love: potatoes, butter and cheese. But it also has good-for-you cauliflower and it tastes great. Save time in preparing this recipe by buying pre-chopped cauliflower florets.

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    Corn Pudding Recipe

    Corn Pudding
    Stephanie Gallagher

    This is one of those dump-and-stir recipes that is easy enough for a five-year-old to make. Really! The only thing a kindergartener couldn't do to prepare this corn pudding recipe is put it in the oven.

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    Creamy Vanilla Sweet Potatoes Recipe

    Creamy Vanilla Sweet Potatoes
    Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

    This creamy vanilla sweet potatoes recipe is one of our favorite sweet potato recipes. The sweet potatoes are roasted, then mixed with cream cheese, butter, maple syrup and vanilla. Although the recipe calls for topping with bacon, this dish tastes just as great without it.