Easy Recipes for Spanish Class

Easy Dishes to Make on a Budget, and Serve the Class Without Making a Mess

We know many students look for easy to prepare recipes for their Spanish classes, especially judging from recipe reviews on our site. So, we assembled a list to help out student readers. The recipes in the list below range from tapas to desserts, perfect for each member of your class to have a taste, without keeping you in the kitchen all night and breaking the bank in the process.

When putting together the list, we considered the level of difficulty of the recipes, ease of serving in a class, as...MORE well as the cost and availability of the ingredients in the USA. For example, although there are some wonderfully simple, classic Spanish recipes that use Serrano ham, due to the high cost and difficulty purchasing it, we had to rule them out.

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    "Magdalenas" are like Spanish cupcakes. They are light and fluffy, and flavored with lemon. The Spanish regularly eat them for breakfast with a "café con leche." Based on the reviews and emails, this is the most popular Spanish item prepared for Spanish class. The recipe is easy enough for beginners, and the ingredients are cheap and easy to find in your local supermarket. In fact, the ingredients are probably already in the kitchen!
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    These are very traditional Spanish cookies, which will crumble very easily. In fact, they will literally melt in your mouth. Delicate, and with a soft anise flavor. This recipe will make over 3 dozen cookies, so you will have enough for your class and your family! Judging by all the reviews, this is a popular cookie for Spanish class projects.
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    The link above is to the classic vanilla flan recipe - made from scratch and baked in a water bath. It's an easy custard recipe, but if you don't want to bake the flan, read our "cheaters' flan" article where we provide tips on making better flan from a box mix, with a few tricks on how to make it taste like homemade; or give it special flavor, like almond, coffee or chocolate. If you have a big class, consider how to serve smaller portions, or to make individual servings in...MORE miniature dishes.

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    Assorted nuts to nibble in bowls on patterned cloth
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    Caramelized almonds are simple to make, and can be served as a tapa or a dessert. Adding a touch of salt to the sweet coating can give them that special taste.

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    Bizchochos Dulces de Hojaldre; Argentine Sugar Glazed Pastries
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    These simple puff pastries from the city of Astorga are very easy to make, now that puff pastry sheets are available to buy in any supermarket. Simply slice a puff pastry sheet into rectangles and cut holes in the center. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Then, dip in hot syrup. Two pastry sheets make 30 pieces.

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    Spanish table
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    Simply put out slices of Manchego cheese, and Spanish chorizo or Serrano ham on top of slices of baguette. If your budget or location makes it impossible to buy Serrano ham, just use chorizo sausage.

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    Green and red pepper salad with salami, close-up
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    Fry green and yellow (or red) peppers with Spanish chorizo sausage and garlic to make a colorful tapa. Serve with slices of fresh rustic bread.

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    Deviled Eggs Smoked Salmon Appetizers
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    This is a classic Spanish first course - tuna and a bit of tomato sauce are mixed with the boiled egg yolks, then topped with mayonnaise. Prepare a dozen eggs like this, and you'll have enough for everyone to try them.