Summer Meals Made Easy

Try these easy summer entrees, from fresh salads and sandwiches to burgers and quickly grilled seafood. Plus, they'll help to beat the heat.

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    Cobb Salad
    sbrogan / Getty Images

    This is a "composed" salad, meaning the ingredients are arranged on the salad as opposed to all being tossed together. Originally it was a way for the restaurant to simply use up leftovers, but it soon became the Brown Derby's most popular dish.

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    Hamburger. Getty

    Here's a simple recipe for the best juicy burger, plus a selection of toppings and several cooking method options, including grilling, pan-frying and broiling. Here's a tip: There's no sense in trying to build a better burger if you don't start with the right foundation.

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    Southwestern Corn Salad
    Southwestern Corn Salad. Photo (c) John Mitzewich

    Say goodbye to boring salad. This easy version packed with Southwestern flavors is light and refreshing, and comes together quickly.

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    Tomato Jam and Bacon Grilled Cheese
    Tomato Jam and Bacon Grilled Cheese. Grilled Cheese Social

    In my book, the best grilled cheese is the gooey kind that drips with cheese. Combine that with crisp bacon and roasted tomatoes, and the result in one heavenly sandwich. Avocado would also make a nice addition to this sandwich, just add a couple of just ripe slices before grilling.

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    Grilled Flank Steak
    Grilled Flank Steak. Getty

    Flank steak is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat that benefits from marinating. The lemony-garlic marinade adds a flavor lift to the meat plus acts as a tenderizer. Plus I've included some marinade variations below, including Asian Ginger, Barbecue, Garlic-Fresh Thyme, and Spicy Mustard