25 Incredibly Easy Ways to Decorate a Cake

Funfetti cake
A Beautiful Mess
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    Cake Art

    You don't have to be a self proclaimed artist to turn your dessert into a work of art. A cake is a blank slate waiting to be beautified. Decorating a cake is a fun activity to explore solo, with friends or your children. Everyone will love taking time to exercise their creativity for a special occasion. So skip the supermarket and make your own cake this year–your efforts won't go unnoticed! Here are 25 surprisingly easy ways to turn your cake into a masterpiece.

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    We all have the best memories of funfetti cakes, so why not carry out the tradition. We love this grown-up version of the cake with singled out fetti.

    Funfetti Buttermilk Birthday Cake from A Beautiful Mess

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    Abstract Watercolor

    For little painters in training, this cake will allow your kids to practice their brush strokes while baking. Two birds with one stone and you have a delicious treat to enjoy post-art-experiment.

    Abstract Watercolor Cake from Sugar and Cloth

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    Gummy Bear Cake

    Who said gummy candy and cake don't mix? Sugar is sugar and we can't get enough with this Gummy Bear dream cake.

    Gummy Bear Layer Cake from Raspberri Cupcakes

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    Lucky Charms Cake

    A cake for St. Patrick's Day, who would've thought! We love the idea of using a favorite childhood cereal to celebrate Lucky the Leprechaun and all his wee friends. Why save this cake for only one day of the year? Just like you can eat Lucky Charms year round, this cake works any time too.

    Lucky Charms Cake from Alana Jones Mann

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    Edible Flower Cake

    Edible flowers instantly elevate anything you put them with. Add them to your tea, salads or cakes for a touch of effortless beauty.

    Edible Flower Cake from Design Love Fest

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    Embroidery with Sprinkles

    Embroidery is not just for your garments anymore. Get crafty with teeny, tiny sprinkles to make a cake that looks good enough to wear. This one is simple, but does require patience.

    Embroidery With Sprinkles from Clockwork Lemon

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    Gemstone Cupcakes

    Not exactly a full-size cake, but how cool are these gemstone cupcakes? We want them at our next birthday party or any night of the week for dessert.

    Gemstone Cupcakes from Alana Jones Mann

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    Sprinkles and Chocolate Cake

    Here's another very simple idea that combines two of our favorite things: chocolate and sprinkles. It's a match made in heaven!

    Sprinkles and Chocolate Cake from The Cake Blog

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    Momofuku Birthday Cake

    An exposed creation that says "let's focus on the cake batter." This is the ultimate birthday cake, including elements of the beloved funfetti cake with a twist.

    Momofuku Birthday Cake from Liv For Cake

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    Striped Mini Cakes

    Sometimes you just need a mini cake. Keep a steady hand to create this rainbow of stripes around your cake. Tip: Coordinate your stripes with your table decor.

    Striped Almond Cake from My Name is Yeh

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    Simple Cookie Flowers

    If you can't decide between cookies and cake, have both!

    Simple Cookie Flowers from Super Make It

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    As a beginner cake decoration artist, you might not have time to fuss with frosting. In this case, sparklers are a great idea. They will distract your guests from your learning curve for sure. Also, this cake is an understated and adorable idea of 4th of July!

    Pink Champagne Cake from Liv For Cake

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    Ice Cream Cake

    An extravagant ice cream cake that only looks complicated to make, but in reality is quite simple, and is obviously delicious to eat!

    Ice Cream Cake from Alana Jones Mann

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    Pinata Cake

    This piñata cake is such a fun idea for birthday parties! Get creative with the candy and your guests will be delightfully surprised after the first slice.

    Pinata Cake from A Designer Life

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    Pink Heart Shaped Cake

    Pink heart cake
    sot / Getty Images

    There are so many occasions a pink heart-shaped cake is appropriate. You will definitely want to pick up the easy skill of cutting shapes into cake.

    Pink Heart Shaped Cake from The Spruce

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    Rose Cake

    Many say the rose cake tutorial is easier than it looks. You may be skeptical, but the only way to find out is to give it a try! Get out that pastry bag and fill it with the most delicious frosting to create a simple, beautiful cake.

    Rose Cake from I am Baker

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    Chocolate Chilli Splatter Cake

    Inspired by Jackson Pollack, we love the fun, free form nature of this whimsical cake decorating technique.

    Chocolate Chilli Splatter Cake from My Name is Yeh

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    Cat Cake

    Does this cake need any introduction? In a cake decorating contest, this one will win every time. Best of all, it's so easy to make on your own.

    Cat Cake from Alana Jones Mann

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    Coconut Cake

    Coconut cake
    Alexandra Rowley/Stockbyte/Getty Images

    Yes, ladies and gents, sometimes all you need is a fresh layer of shaved coconut to decorate a cake. Simple, understated, yet beautiful.

    Fresh Two Layer Coconut Cake from The Spruce

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    Flower Crown Cupcakes

    Flower crowns are not only for your head, but they're perfect to adorn your cupcakes with too–and you don't need to wait for festival season to rock these flower crowns!

    Flower Crown Cupcakes from Design Love Fest

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    Extra Long Birthday Cake Candles

    These extra long birthday cake candles have a similar effect as the sparklers. You will only need a very minimal icing job with some very distracting and fun candles as the main attraction. Whimsical and fun, these are a unique idea for a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party.

    Extra Long Birthday Cake Candles from Olive and Cocoa

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    Carnival Cake Topper

    The cutest circus friends and an adorable "happy birthday" cake topper make a carnival cake look like it took hours to make. You will be the only one to know your creation was only a couple Amazon clicks away.

    Carnival Cake Topper from Oh Happy Day

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    Citrus Slice Cake

    Do you have any fresh citrus in your fridge? Just slice it up and throw it (neatly) on the cake. You're done and you are welcome.

    Citrus Slice Cake from Julep

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    Berries on Top

    A minimalist's dream come true and the easiest cake to make: Just add your favorite berries in a neatly arranged cluster to create a cake worthy of centerpiece status.

    Vegan Chocolate Cake with Cashew Cream and Berries from Design Love Fest 

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    Rainbow Cake

    Here's a special rainbow cake for the most special of days and people. This cake is a sparkling work of art that you can make too, we promise! Go ahead and give it a try.

    Rainbow Cake from Alana Jones Mann