10 Easy Wine Cocktails

It's time to dress up your wine

Easy White Wine Spritzer Cocktail Recipe
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Wine cocktails have a great range. From simple spritzers for yourself to fancy formulas you will want to share, there is a great wine recipe waiting to be mixed up.

From sangrias for summer, mulled wine for winter, stunning bridal drinks, and quick ways to dress up an inexpensive bottle, you won't tire from mixing your favorite red and white wines. Let's revisit some of our old favorites and discover new recipes in the world of wine.

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    White Peach Sangria

    White Peach Sangria

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    Sangria comes in many flavors today and no matter which recipe you choose, there's no doubting that it is the ultimate wine punch. This white peach sangria is a lighter and brighter recipe that is perfect for summer parties.

    For this recipe, choose a classic white wine. The mango-flavored rum is another fun twist. The peach schnapps brings in a fruity flavor while adding a hint of sweetness, which plays very well against the bright citrus.

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    Bishop Cocktail

    Bishop Cocktail

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    Let's say that you have a bottle of red wine that's not quite what you expected. You don't want to waste it, but you're done trying to 'enjoy' it on its own. What can you do? Mix up a Bishop Cocktail, of course!

    Rum makes any wine better and you can view this recipe as a simplified sangria. Be warned, there are 'Bishop' recipes out there that skip the rum, which is an unnecessary shortcut. This is one of the original recipes and it is straight out of the 1930s.

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    Claire Cohen

    Of all the liqueurs in the bar, crème de cassis is any wine's best friend. With this single ingredient you can mix up an astonishingly easy wine cocktail anyway you like it.

    Crème de cassis is a sweet liqueur with the flavor of black currants. The dark fruit flavor pairs perfectly with a dry white wine, but there's no reason to stop there. Go with Champagne to transform it into a Kir Royale or switch to red wine and you have a cardinal cocktail.

    All of these cocktails are brilliant in their simplicity.

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    White Wine Spritzer

    Easy White Wine Spritzer Cocktail Recipe
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    We'll begin with the easiest wine cocktail imaginable. The white wine spritzer is nothing more than adding sparkling water or the clear soda of your choice to a glass of white wine.

    Why is this important, you ask? The recipe is a simple way to dress up any wine you have, it's great for parties and even saves a little money. It's also a simple trick that allows you to enjoy a sparkling wine without the need for another trip to the store.

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    UK Sour

    Highland Park Scotch Whisky UK Sour Cocktail Recipe
    Highland Park Scotch Whisky

    It's time to step beyond the basic drinks and take the wine cocktail to a new level of intrigue. To begin with, let's mix up a scotch recipe that will tantalize your taste buds with this fun spin on the popular Scotch Sour.

    It starts off with a single malt scotch and adds lemon and cinnamon syrup for the sweet and sour elements. Add a splash of a fine apricot liqueur, then a float of red wine and you're ready to dazzle anyone who drinks it.

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    Rosé Berry Bliss

    Rose Berry Bliss Cocktail Champagne Recipe

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    Pink is the theme of this lovely and sparkling wine cocktail. It's perfect for any affair—from fancy to casual—particularly smaller spring and summer parties. 

    The Rosé Berry Bliss is made by the pitcher and begins with a blush pink wine. The blueberries and pink lemonade come out of the market's freezer section, which makes this an incredibly easy drink. The taste is wonderful and your guests will never know how little effort you put into it.

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    Glamour Girl Martini

    Glamour Girl Martini

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    A fun and fruity cocktail, the Glamour Girl Martini is all about the pink Pinot Grigio. It's a quick drink to mix up and is perfect for any ladies night.

    The gentle notes of a soft blushing wine are accented with peach and cranberry. You'll simply shake and strain the drink into your favorite stemware. If you like, it can also make a great pitcher or punch bowl drink for showers, bachelorette parties, and the like.

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    The Something Blue

    The Something Blue Cocktail

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    One of the best and easiest wedding cocktails you will find, this simple three-ingredient recipe is a pure delight. It plays off the old adage "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and you know it's hard to resist a blue cocktail!

    Not only does this wine cocktail have a great look, it tastes great, too. Most of the flavor comes from the tropical fruit blend of Hpnotiq Liqueur, which is lightly accented by a soft white wine and sparkling ginger ale. It's quite lovely.

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    Gold Mine

    Gold Mine Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    Fortified wines make a regular appearance along the bar. While vermouth is used all the time to construct our favorite martinis, sherry often takes a back seat. This is not the case in the Gold Mine, where the wine stands firm.

    This is a very interesting cocktail recipe that has an old-school style. The scotch, Galliano, and sherry pairing is tantalizing; the lemonade and lime refreshing; the egg white adds its signature foam. It's perfectly balanced and a joy to drink.

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    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer

    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer

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    When the winter winds begin to blow, few drinks are as comforting as mulled wine. It's a classic addition to winter parties and, just like sangria, there are many ways that you can build off its foundation of flavor.

    The Mulled Pomegranate Warmer requires two bottles of red wine which are paired with a fantastic pomegranate liqueur. When heat is applied, the flavors meld and the citrus-spice aroma is just as inviting as the drink itself.