Eat and Drink Like James Bond

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While he's busy chasing villains and saving the world, James Bond is a thoroughly British chap. He loves his food and drink. Food of any description doesn't figure very highly in the Bond movies, there is quite a bit more detail about dining in Ian Fleming's 007 book series. In fact, entire paragraphs are devoted to describing Bond's meals. He has eclectic tastes and is often eating in far-flung places but closer to home, he savors his favorite foods. 

If you want to eat like James Bond than look at these British foods, from breakfast to dinner to cocktails.

A James Bond Breakfast

In From Russia With Love, Fleming writes, "Breakfast was Bond's favorite meal of the day." At breakfast, Mr. Bond loves eggs, preferably scrambled, with bacon or sausages. He enjoys marmalade or strawberry jam on his toast, but this quintessential Brit prefers strong, black coffee to tea. Throughout the 007 series, there are several references to Bond eating eggs, both at breakfast as well as for a late-night snack.

James Bond Likes His Meat

James Bond is a meat-eater. He has a fondness for beef, lamb, and game. In "Goldfinger" he is seen enjoying a curry, and in "From Russia With Love," a Doner Kebab. At lunch and dinner, he has been known to enjoy roast grouse and pink Champagne, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, steak and French fries, or cold roast beef with potato salad. Bond is not averse to seafood as he often eats dressed crab for lunch (as in "Diamonds are Forever") and delves into grilled sole every once in a while.

It is British food when he is at home, but when traveling, 007 will enjoy the local food available to him. Perhaps it is langouste (spiny lobster) in France, or Italy's tagliatele verdi, or the U.S.'s famous stone crabs with melted butter.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Fans associate 007 with the shaken martini, but James Bond actually enjoys other types of liquor as well. Bollinger Champagne is a recurring favorite, and a black velvet (Guinness and sparkling wine) was enjoyed in one of the films. In Casino Royale, Fleming offers the recipe for The Vesper, a martini including Gordon's gin, vodka, Kina Lillet, and a lemon peel for garnish. Mentioned in three books is the popular whiskey cocktail the old-fashioned, which was most often a double. And when enjoying a drink al fresco, Bond usually orders an Americano, oftentimes with Perrier, as "expensive soda water is the cheapest way to improve a poor drink."

Favorite James Bond Restaurants

Scott's of Mayfair (originally on Coventry Street) was a favorite of Ian Fleming's and has been featured in Bond films. Scott's is a famous London restaurant and specializes in seafood. The movies even place 007 at the same table Fleming preferred.