Can Eating Celery Make Men More Attractive to Women?

Fresh celery on a plate
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This is one of those news stories that is really only peripherally related to vegetarian and vegan food, but is too good not to share. A couple of doctors decided, for some reason, to study celery and its effects on pheromones

In turn, they have discovered that the real way to attract women is not contained in aftershave, lifting weights, cheesy pick-up lines or even in chocolate and roses and a good sense of humor. No, the real secret to making men attractive to the opposite sex is in celery. That's right, celery.

How Celery Makes Women More Attracted to Men

It sounds crazy, but it really does all boil down to some simple science. But before we explore this strange benefit of eating celery, let's make sure we all know what pheromones are in animals and in humans. 

Pheromones are often referred to as a "sixth sense", even though they tend to work on a less than conscious level and are somewhat related to our sense of smell. Though they aren't fully understood, at least in humans, pheromones are a sort of chemical communication system used to communicate between different individuals. In animals, pheromones released by one individual can even cause a behavioral response in another – which comes in handy in the mating game in many species. 

What Kind of Pheromones Does Celery Have?

Apparently, celery contains a natural male hormone steroid called androstenene and, because of this compound, eating celery causes men to release more pheromones right away – specifically a pheromone called androstenol, which women can detect, though again, not necessarily on a fully conscious level. 

There are, um, other benefits mentioned in the article as well, but in order to keep this family-friendly, you may discover those on your own via the article links below. 

Does It Really Work?

While there's not any direct or anecdotal information to suggest that eating celery will actually have the benefit of making men more attractive to women, there is a lot of reason to believe that this specific pheromone, androstenol, can have a very real effect on human behavior. The science just tells us that it could in theory work (based on the reasons outlined above). It's up to you to apply it in your own life and find out! If you do give it a shot, let me know what happens!

And, to avoid making this point too heteronormative, no word on whether the celery pheromone boost will help out our gay and lesbian friends (That is, can the pheromone boost from celery make men more attractive to other men? Can it make women more attractive to other women?). But eating healthy always seems to help when it comes to looking and feeling good, so it definitely can't hurt!

Want to try it out?

Whether or not you need to experience this particular benefit of eating celery, there's no reason at all not to include more fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your diet, so why not munch more celery anyways? Spreading a few celery sticks with peanut butter or dipping them in hummus is probably the most popular way to enjoy some celery, but here's a few celery-heavy recipes that anyone can enjoy, men, women, gay, straight, married or single: