Eating Raw Food Through the Winter

Green vegetarian buddha bowl salad with vegetables and quinoa, spinach, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, chickpeas with sesame seeds
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A raw vegan food diet can seem a bit more daunting once those cold winter months set in. Life is good in the summer when green smoothies and raw salads are popping up out of the ground in great abundance. But how do you fare through all of those frigid months when hats and scarves dominate your wardrobe and the cold earth isn't garnering such luscious mouth-watering produce?

Here are some tips from the far reaches of the planet, where raw foodists do indeed dwell and, in fact, come to find that their bodies adapt quite well to the outdoor climate. Eating lots of raw vegan foods will also keep your immune system thriving during cold and flu season when friends and family are sniffling the days away.

Eat Warm Food, Not Cold Food

Most of us equate raw food to cold, refrigerated food. But during the winter especially, this does not have to be the case. Eating food at room temperature, or even heating it until it is warm to the touch, are great ways to keep your sanity through the cold season. Most folks allow food to cool to this point before eating it anyway. You'll find that food is nice and warm at 115 F.

Eat Heating Foods and Spices

Cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic and black pepper are all examples of ingredients that can warm you from within. Use them in beverages as well as meals and keep your internal fire stoked. Warm beverages are a great way to satisfy a sweet craving as well as give the body some spice.

It's All About the Carbs

Rather than a little extra fat and protein, as much as we all love to indulge in such things, what your body needs more of to combat the cold is carbohydrates. Your metabolism increases in cold weather, which causes you to lose that valuable padding. So if you are wondering why your salad doesn't have that same appeal that it did just a few short weeks ago, it is because vegetables have very few calories and carbohydrates. Try adding fruit to your diet as well as your salad dressing. You'll be amazed at how a little energy can warm you right up. Contrary to popular misconception, protein doesn't give you energy, at least, not without a real inner workout, and fat isn't much more efficient, it's carbohydrates that feed you.

Dehydrated Snacks and Treats

As always, the dehydrator comes in quite handy for keeping people satiated on a raw food diet. Flax crackers, raw granola, cookies, veggie crisps, and raw breads are all perfect anytime foods that keep the stomach happy and the mind comforted.

Lifestyle Recommendations

As many restaurants already know, heating your plates, mugs, and bowls is a really nice touch and keeps your food warmer longer. Taking hot baths is another good tip for keeping warm. Obviously wearing nice warm layers and good socks, even around the house, will keep you warm and toasty. As time goes by on a raw vegan diet, with the body spending less energy to warm up or cool down the food you put in it, you may discover yourself better able to adapt when the temperature outside drops.