Traditional Korean Stew Recipes

In Korean cooking and eating, soup or stew is served at almost every meal. Sometimes stews play a starring role at the table, but usually, they are a communal dish shared by everyone at the table like banchan. There are also some Korean restaurants and meals that offer stews (chigae, jjigae) after the main dish, like seafood restaurants with raw fish specialties.

Korean stews encompass the whole spectrum from vibrant to comforting to elegant, and they are always an essential part of Korean cuisine.

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    Korean Bean Paste Stew (Daenjang Chigae)

    Korean Bean Paste Stew (Daenjang Chigae)

    As essential to Korean home cooking as chicken noodle soup is to Americans, this thick, fragrant Korean bean paste stew is a Korean comfort food especially popular in the cold winter months. Korean bean paste (daenjang) is similar to Japanese miso but is much more pungent and powerful.

    Daenjang chigae is wonderfully hearty and can be made with almost any vegetables you have on hand. Variations also change according to the vegetables that are in season and to the geographic region of the cook or the restaurant. Although this is one dish where I actually prefer the more common zucchini, potato, and pepper combination of vegetables, it is delicious with carrots, other squashes, and turnips as well.

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    Spicy Kimchi Stew (Kimchichigae)

    Spicy kimchi stew

    ​The Spruce Eats / Nita West

    This spicy kimchi stew is served bubbling hot and makes good use of leftover or older kimchi. Fiery hot, hearty, and full of flavor, kimchichigae is great for cold winter days but Koreans can eat it anytime, anywhere.

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    Korean Spicy Fish Stew (Mae Un Tang)

    Korean Spicy Fish Stew (Mae Un Tang)
    By by LWY at flickr ( [ CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Packed with flavor, spice, vegetables, and fish, this Korean spicy fish stew is spicy and sweet and has dozens of different fish and vegetable variations.

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    Korean Stuffed Chicken Soup With Ginseng (Sam Gae Tang) Recipe

    Samgyetang (Chinken soup with ginseng)
    By / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

    Korean stuffed chicken soup with ginseng (Sam Gae Tang) is a delicious, fragrant soup that is surprisingly easy to make. Small whole chickens or Cornish hens are stuffed with sticky rice, garlic, and chestnuts and then simmered with ginseng, ginger, and garlic.

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    Korean Bulgogi Stew (Bulgogi Jungol) Recipe

    Naomi Imatome

    Korean bulgogi stew is a hearty, delicious one-pot meal that is also a good way to use any leftover marinated bulgogi and vegetables from your fridge. I always have marinated meat in the freezer, and bulgogi jungol is one of the easiest ways to use that beef in an easy Korean stew. For an even heartier meal, add noodles to the pot.

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    Budae Chigae (Korean Army Base Stew)

    Korean Army Base Stew (Budae Chigae)
    Naomi Imatome

    Budae chigae was invented during the famine years of the Korean war and post-war period. Koreans managed to use leftover meat discarded or ​handed out from the U.S. army bases to make this dish. It's a recent invention with a thousand variations, but it's mostly a lip-smacking mixture of Western meat, ramen noodles, vegetables, and Korean spices.