Essential Brunch Dishes

Making brunch can be a big, celebratory to-do or a simple family breakfast with hearty comfort food. Master these 10 basic recipes and you'll be prepared for either, with delicious pancakes, waffles, foolproof bacon, eggs and quick-bread recipes up your sleeve. These recipes can easily be adapted, made in advance and enhanced, whether you're feeding a crowd or just want to give Saturday-morning breakfast a little extra special something.

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    Easy Basic Pancake Recipe

    Leah Maroney

    Everyone needs a foolproof pancake recipe in their wheelhouse. Make these simple pancakes for perfect pancakes every time, and add all the fruit, chocolate chips, syrups and spices your heart (and stomach) desire.

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    Classic Waffle Recipe

    Leah Maroney

    Thick, fluffy, with a perfectly crispy exterior, these quick and easy waffles deliver on everything we want in a classic homemade waffle. Bonus: they freeze beautifully for rushed mornings.

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    Sweet-or-Savory French Crêpes

    crepes with chocolate sauce and strawberries
    Creativeye99 / Getty Images

    Lacy and delicate, classic French crêpes are incredibly versatile and easy to make. For sweet crêpes that beg for jelly or Nutella, add vanilla and sugar. For savory fillings, add fresh herbs to the batter. 

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    Basic French Toast

    Basic French Toast

    The Spruce

    Delicious and basic French toast is a great way to use up stale bread, or go all out with brioche or challah. 

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    Perfect Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled Eggs
    The Spruce

    Perfecting scrambled eggs can take a lifetime of experimentation. Tiny tweaks here and there can make all the difference between lackluster breakfast and those perfectly fluffy, light-but-satisfying scrambled eggs that can make a morning truly amazing.

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    The Very Best Banana Bread

    banana bread with chocolate chips
    Katie Workman

    Banana bread is the universally acknowledged best way to salvage browning bananas. This quick bread comes together in no time, and works just as well for muffins. Chocolate chips and walnuts are optional, but always recommended.

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    The Essential French Omelette


    The Spruce

    While omelettes may be intimidating at first, they're really just as simple to make as a scrambled egg. Once you've mastered that technique, put your skills to the test for a versatile breakfast staple that's especially perfect for entertaining guests.

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    Classic Eggs Benedict

    eggs benedict Images

    With a little practice, poaching eggs for eggs Benedict is a cinch. Factor in a perfectly-toasted English muffin and a classic Hollandaise sauce and you might be fighting off brunch guests every weekend.

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    The Very Best Way To Make Bacon

    Vasko Miokovic / Getty Images

    Once you learn this secret to making bacon perfectly, you'll never go back to a messy skillet again.