Bao Down to These 9 Essential Steamed Bun Recipes

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    Bulgogi Beef Steamed Buns

    Bulgogi Beef Steamed Bun
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    These bulgogi beef steamed buns are enhanced with Korean bulgogi beef, made with a spicy blend of gochujang, ginger, garlic, spices, and soy sauce, is marinated, grilled, and stuffed into light, fluffy, and slightly sweet steamed buns. Fresh shredded carrot, sprigs of cilantro, slices of pickled burdock (or radish), and pickled cucumbers rounds are added to the sandwich to lighten and freshen it up. And as for the kewpie mayo, well that creamy Japenese goodness is smeared on the inside of the steamed buns to help it all stay together. And trust me, if you're mouth isn't watering, go ahead and re-read the first few sentences. See what we mean? Ok, it's time for you to try this. 

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    Steamed Buns With Honey Sriracha Brussels Sprouts + Crispy Pork Belly

    Honey Sriracha Brussels Sprout Steamed Buns with Pork Belly
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    In this awesome honey Sriracha bao recipe, crispy fried pork belly, a sweet and spicy honey-Sriracha sauce, chopped peanuts, and soy sauce glazed brussels sprouts are packed into a light and airy steamed bun. 

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    Vegetarian Steamed Buns With Hoison Glazed Mushrooms

    Hoison Glazed Mushroom Vegetarian Steamed Bun
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    Sweet and savory hoison glazed mushrooms, creamy kewpie mayo, nutty toasted sesame seeds, and bright cilantro come together between two pillowy steamed buns. Traditionally made with pork belly, this hoisin glazed mushroom Bao is not only vegetarian friendly but even meat lovers will dig it's umami richness. 

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    Musubi Steamed Buns With Pineapple and Teriyaki Spam

    musubi steamed bun
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    Yeah, that's right - there's spam on this musubi pineapple and teriyaki steamed bun, but wait, don't get freaked out! This version is an adaptation of Musubi, a traditional Hawaiian sushi snack. It's typically made by grilling spam and then brushing it with teriyaki sauce. The glazed spam is then placed on top of pressed sushi rice and wrapped in nori to make it handheld. Musubi is sweet and savory and despite spam's questionable reputation, it's surprisingly delicious!

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    Vegetarian Steamed Buns With Sesame-Orange Fried Tofu

    Sesame Orange Tofu Steamed Buns with Opal Basil
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    Crispy fried tofu nuggets are tossed in a sweet yet slightly spicy sesame orange sauce and then stuffed light and airy steamed buns in this vegetarian steamed bun recipe. This type of bao is vegetarian friendly and utterly delicious. And if you like things a bit spicier, then load up on the Sriracha and get ready for a good time .

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    Curry Fried Chicken Steamed Buns

    Curry Fried Chicken Steamed Buns
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    Crispy curry fried chicken, rich kewpie mayo, tart pickled red onions, refreshing lime-y cabbage, and the bright zip of fresh mint come together in this not so traditional curry fried chicken steamed bun. 

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    Spicy Chicken Katsu Toasted Sesame Steamed Buns

    Chicken Katsu Steamed Buns with pickles, cilantro and chili paste
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    With a kick from Sambal, a spicy Asian vinegar-y hot sauce paste, a hint of tartness from quick pickled cucumbers, and a pop of herbal freshness from cilantro, this chicken katsu steamed bun recipe results in one heck of a spicy chicken sandwich. 

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    Spring Roll Inspired Steamed Buns

    Vegetarian Steamed Buns
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    Image if a super fresh Thai spring roll combined it's goodness with the richness of a Chinese steamed bun. Well that's what's going on in these spring roll inspired steamed buns. So go ahead and swap out the rice paper for these slightly sweet, light and airy steamed buns and add sweet a dollop of some spicy chili sauce, a few creamy slices of avocado, crisp strands of carrots and cucumbers rounds, zippy pickled red onions, spicy jalapenos and umami-rich Hoison sauce. If you like it hot, add some Sriracha or sambal and get ready to indulge in an almost perfect guilt free treat.

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    Five Spice Fried Tofu Bao With Avocado and Kimchi Mayo

    Fried Tofu Bao with Avocado, Pickled Red Onion + Kimchi-Mayo
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    Crispy five spice fried tofu nuggets layered with spicy kimchi mayo, creamy avocado, and crisp, pickled red onions are nestled between two halves of a pillowly steamed bun in this fried tofu bao. If you don't have five spice on hand, make it yourself by combining ground cinnamon with ground cloves, ground toasted fennel seeds, ground star anise, and ground toasted Szechuan peppercorns.