7 Deliciously Exotic Mango and Seafood Recipes

Sweet and Savory Recipes Using Juicy Mangos

Kerala Cod with Cashew Yogurt Sauce and Fresh Mango
Kerala Cod with Cashew Yogurt Sauce and Fresh Mango.

The Spruce / Doug DuCap

Once a rare and exotic treat, mangos are becoming available year-round in just about every market. Their juicy sweetness and golden color pair beautifully with many types of seafood and add a taste of summer to your meals in any season.

When purchasing, look for mangos that yield to gentle pressure. Ripe mangos often have a sweet smell at the stem end. Color is not a reliable indicator, as they come in many shades of green, red, and yellow. When you're ready to cut them, see this easy mango cutting method

Enjoy these delicious seafood recipes featuring sunny mango!