5 Eye of Round Roast Recipes

Eye of Round Roast
Eye of Round Roast. Diana Rattray

The eye of round cut comes from the beef hind quarter. The cuts from that area include the eye of round, top round, and bottom round. The eye of round is the more tender round cut. Here are several recipes for the eye of round roast.

Eye of Round With Garlic and Apple Juice

A simple apple juice marinade, garlic, and seasonings flavor this lean beef eye of round roast. Serve this eye of round roast with mashed potatoes and your favorite steamed vegetables for a delicious everyday meal or Sunday dinner.

Eye of Round With Mustard Herb Crust

Mustard, red wine, and herbs help to flavor this lean eye of round roast. The roast is started on high heat and the herb mixture is rubbed over the roast before roasting

Marinated Eye of Round Roast

This eye of round is first marinated with a tangy mixture of soy sauce, tomato paste, and vinegar, then it's roasted to perfection. Slice leftover eye of round thinly for sandwiches the next day.

Roast Beef with Garlic and Thyme

This recipe uses an eye of round roast or rump roast, simply seasoned and roasted to perfection.

Pot Roasted Eye of Round

This braised eye of round is cooked with a variety of vegetables and coffee, for a rich and hearty everyday meal.