15 Fabulous and Fresh Blueberry Cocktails

Enjoy the Sweet-Tart Berries in a Great Drink

Blueberry cocktails are not numerous, but a number of impressive drinks feature the sweet-tart taste of the little berries. Some recipes use fresh or frozen berries or blueberry juice, while others require a blueberry vodka or liqueur. The flavor is unique in mixed drinks, which is why it's so intriguing and delightful.

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    Blueberry Martini

    Ultimat Vodka's Blueberry Martini

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    Blueberry juice takes center stage in this fantastic vodka blueberry martini. It is fruity, refreshing, and an extraordinary cocktail that is easy to mix up. The addition of mango is fascinating, and it works surprisingly well.

    It's likely that you will find blueberry juice at your local grocer. Alternatively, you can muddle fresh blueberries or use your electric juicer or blender to extract the juice from the fresh or frozen fruit.

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    Daiquiri-ease cocktail recipe
    Zacapa Rum 23

    If you enjoy making your own drink mixers, the daiquiri-ease recipe is a perfect match for you. It pairs your favorite rum with a homemade lavender honey and a blueberry shrub. The result is fascinating and worth the effort.

    Also known as a drinking vinegar, a shrub is a flavored, sweetened vinegar. It's an old-fashioned ingredient that has seen a revival in the cocktail world. Shrubs are easy to make, and this blueberry version is an ideal introduction.

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    American Collins

    Bombay Sapphire Gin's American Collins Cocktail
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    The American Collins is a garden-fresh take on the popular Tom Collins. The recipe features Bombay Sapphire Gin which tops a muddle of fresh blueberries and Bing cherries. It's topped with soda for a refreshing, tall cocktail.

    Bing cherries are a dark variety of sweet cherry, though any cherry will do. You can also pair raspberries or blackberries with the blueberries for an equally enjoyable summertime drink.

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    Purple Viking

    Purple Viking Cocktail
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    A fun drink, the purple viking is a simple but interesting recipe that pairs Southern Comfort with an array of fruity flavors. Adding to SoCo's peach, you'll also get a taste of sloe gin, blueberry liqueur, and orange from blue curaçao. Add a little lime and sour mix, then top it with citrus soda, and a beautiful blue-purple drink is ready to enjoy.

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    Very Berry Cosmo

    Van Gogh Vodka's Very Berry Cosmo Cocktail
    MASAYASU IKEDA / amana images / Getty Images

    The cosmopolitan is a favorite for many drinkers. It is also an excellent base for a creative mix of flavors, such as those in the very berry cosmo. The recipe features a flavorful and unique açai-blueberry vodka from Van Gogh. Chambord sweetens the mix and marries the vodka to the cosmo's signature cranberry base.

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    French Quarter Smash

    Jason Rogers' French Quarter Smash Cocktail

    Jason Rogers

    Here's your chance to mix up a great drink with that bottle of moonshine you have stashed away. The French Quarter smash softens the corn whiskey with brandy and uses fresh citrus and mint to calm the alcohol down even more.

    The sweeteners are the most interesting part of the recipe. For one, you get to mix up a simple almond syrup with almond extract. Then, you'll add a dollop of blueberry preserves. It all comes together to create a fantastic and truly unique cocktail.

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    Garden Patch Smash

    Colleen Graham's Garden Patch Smash Cocktail

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    Fresh from the garden, this is the ultimate summer cocktail, and it takes full advantage of the season's produce. The garden patch smash is a tequila-spiked medley of berries accented with lavender and lime.

    The recipe offers another opportunity for a DIY mixer in the raspberry-lavender simple syrup, and it is very easy to make at home. Once that is muddled with a handful of fresh blueberries, you're ready to shake up this fun, fruity drink.

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    Paulista Cachaca Martini Cocktail with a Pink Daisy
    Leslie Thomson / Getty Images

    Lavender is the perfect pairing for blueberries, and they appear again In the lovely Paulista cocktail. This recipe complements that perfect harmony with a cachaça base and a blueberry liqueur to sweeten the deal.

    You can make your own blueberry liqueur in the same way as this lychee liqueur. A number of small distilleries offer a fantastic blueberry liqueur as well, or you can pour a blueberry schnapps, brandy, or crème de myrtille.

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    Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

    Lucid Absinthe's Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Cocktail

    The Spruce Eats / S&C Design Studios

    If you enjoy the Moscow mule, this cocktail will be quite the treat. It uses a blueberry vodka, which a few brands offer, or you can also do your own vodka infusion. The recipe then adds an interesting mix of flavors, including absinthe, raspberry liqueur, and ginger beer. While it may be tempting, try not to skip the absinthe because it makes the broad stripes and bright stars a truly fascinating drink.

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    Rosé Berry Bliss

    Rose Berry Bliss Cocktail Champagne Recipe
    Alan Richardson / StockFood Creative / Getty Images

    This party punch recipe is sure to please all of your guests. The rosé berry bliss combines fresh blueberries and pink lemonade with rosé wine creating a pretty pink, fruit base. Add a little soda for sparkle, and you have a quick punch that's perfect for any special occasion.

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    Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer

    Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer

     The Spruce Eats 

    Showcasing the perfection of blueberries and lavender, this cocktail is a pure delight. The spritzer begins with a homemade blueberry lavender syrup. Once that is made, you'll simply mix it with vodka, fresh lime juice, and club soda. Add some blueberries for the garnish, and it's ready.

    The recipe makes a full pitcher, so it's perfect for a small gathering. You can also mix everything up without the soda, keep it in the fridge, and have a ready-to-pour cocktail that just needs some ice and sparkle.

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    Blueberry Sangria

    Blueberry Sangria

    Roco Juli

    Blueberries are not excluded from the diverse world of sangrias. White wine, orange liqueur, lemons, oranges, and strawberries complete the fruity medley in the blueberry sangria. You'll need both fresh blueberries and blueberry juice for the recipe, and it's better when mixed early and refrigerated so the flavors can marry.

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    Blueberry Lemonade

    Fresh Blueberry Lemonade

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    A beautiful beverage for summer, blueberry lemonade is incredibly easy to make. The recipe takes a different approach than the average homemade lemonade, opting to pour everything into the blender. It's a brilliant shortcut that ensures you'll never be without a sweet-tart drink.

    While it is nonalcoholic, you can spike the lemonade if you like. Tequila, vodka, or whiskey are excellent choices.

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    Blueberry Pomegranate Gin Slushie

    Blueberry Pomegranate Gin Slushie

    The Spruce Eats 

    Boozy slushies are exceptional on hot days. In this blueberry pomegranate slushie recipe, you'll simply blend frozen blueberries and pomegranate juice with ice. Choose agave nectar or honey for the sweetener and pour either gin or vodka to suit your taste perfectly.

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    Polish Blueberry Cordial

    Berry-Flavored Vodkas

    Tafari K. Stevenson-Howard / Getty Images

    Known as likier borowkowy, this Polish blueberry cordial is a fun project. It's not a quick one, though, and needs several months to mature. A few pounds of fresh blueberries, vodka, and sugar (and a little patience) are all you need for the homemade liquor. Drink it on its own or use it in any cocktail that requires blueberry liqueur.