15 Fabulous Egg Recipes

15 Ideas for Cooking with Eggs

Not only are eggs a can't-miss ingredient in any cook's larder, but they are also an egg-cellent (sorry, we couldn't resist) source of protein, various essential vitamins and brain-health boosting choline. This recipe collection features a few of our favorite ideas for using eggs in your cooking; from breakfast standby's such as omelets to entrees such as asparagus Hollandaise and beyond. Now that the most recent American Heart Association guidelines no longer include a...MORE recommendation to limit egg consumption, there's no reason not to make the most of this versatile store cupboard standard with these fifteen fabulous egg recipes.
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    Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp Recipe

    Dutch Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp. Photo © Jaap van Rijn

    While these scrambled eggs with shrimp are good at any time, we like to serve them on toast for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Use small shrimp, such as brown shrimp (Hollandse garnalen) for this recipe, or chop larger shrimp or prawns into smaller pieces.

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    Asparagus soup
    Rae Allen/Flickr/CC
    This asparagus soup recipe with ham and egg is a twist on the classic way of eating white asparagus in the Netherlands. Serve in individual glasses as an appetizer, garnished with organic hard boiled egg, ribbons of pink ham, a smattering of chives and a few cheeky asparagus heads.
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    Dutch Chocolate Custard Recipe

    Dutch Chocolate Custard. Photo © KM Publishers
    Custard (vla in Dutch) is a popular dessert in the Netherlands. In fact, you'll find packs of vla in every Dutch supermarket in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and caramel. So why make your own? Well, for one thing, making it yourself means that you know exactly what goes into it (custards tend to be highly processed foods) and then there's the taste - this baked version is rich and decadent and in a completely different league than the stuff that comes in cardboard packs. Serve...MORE with advocaat, cherries and kletskoppen cookies, top with whipped cream or simply enjoy as is.
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    Eyeren Lombaert (Lombardian Zabaione with Saffron Recipe )

    Eyeren Lombaert. Photo © Uitgeverij KunstMag
    Freely translated, Eyeren Lombaert means 'Italian eggs'. Eggy Marsala custards in the form of Italian zabaione (or zabaglione) and French sabayon are widely known in the Netherlands today. But, according to Robbie Dell'Aira in Kastelenkookboek, this type of dessert may have been introduced in the Netherlands in the late Middle Ages, when Italian bankers from the Northern Italian duchies of Tuscany and Lombardy and the Republic of Venice settled in the economic centers of the...MORE Netherlands. This particular version with saffron is light, frothy and delicate.
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    Telor Besengek. Photo © Harold Pereira
    This tasty Indonesian recipe can be made in under half an hour, making it ideal for busy week nights. While usually served as a side dish, the mildly spicy egg dish from Holland's favorite adopted cuisine can also be enjoyed as a vegetarian main with rice, or as part of a Dutch-Indonesian rijsttafel spread.
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    Baked Eggs with Spinach, Leeks & Gouda. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    These baked eggs are the meal equivalent of a comfy cardi, suitable for even the most lethargic of moods, when you want to eat well but can't muster the energy for anything too complicated. Made with iron-rich spinach, protein-packed eggs and cancer-fighting leeks, this low carb choice will do you good, too. Serve family style with crusty spelt bread for breakfast or brunch. Or, if you're having this for lunch or a light dinner, add a green salad. Use four small ramekins for individual...MORE portions.
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    Red Grapefruit & Lime Curd Recipe

    Grapefruit & Lime Curd. Photo © Fontaine
    Fruit curd, that soft paste that is usually made from citrus fruit, sugar, eggs, and butter, can be used as a spread, topping or filling for cakes, scones, pancakes, waffles and other sweet treats, but will also give your toast a fruity kick. Bittersweet red grapefruit and tangy lime juice make a refreshing curd that will fill your whole kitchen with vibrant citrus aromas.
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    Chipolatataart Recipe. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    Eggs play a crucial role in this tulband cake; providing both lift and richness. Many Dutch tulband recipes feature raisins, currants and candied fruits such as sukade (the candied peel of the bitter Citrus medica fruit), but this one uses dried cherries. As is the habit in Holland with cherry-flavored cakes or desserts, such as chipolatapudding, this particular version of tulband is called chipolatataart.
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    The best advocaat is homemade advocaat. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    Advocaat is a rich egg-based liqueur, which is served so thick that you eat it with a spoon. This version of advocaat can be enjoyed as is, poured over ice-cream, or in desserts, pastries and cakes.
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    Asparagus with Ham, Egg & Hollandaise Sauce. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    You couldn’t possibly find a more delicious way to eat white asparagus. Egg-rich Hollandaise sauce brings out the flavors of the delicate spring vegetable without overshadowing it. Serve with chopped boil eggs, sliced ham and plenty of chopped parsley to complete the feast.
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    Dutch Fried Egg & Ham Breakfast. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    An uitsmijter is a typical feature on Dutch cafe menus and a popular breakfast- and lunch dish in the Netherlands. It consists of fried eggs (sunny side up), on white bread, with ham and, sometimes, cheese. The word uitsmijter means 'bouncer' in Dutch. The story goes that this dish used to be served to cafe patrons late at night just before they were kicked out at closing time. There are plenty of variations, but the most standard version is white bread, ham and eggs, with optional...MORE cheese.
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    Omelet with Turnip Greens, Chevre & Chili. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    Get your day off on the right track with our omelet with turnip greens, chevre and chili. Turnip greens (known as raapstelen in Dutch) are a typically old-fashioned ingredient in Holland. They are very tasty - slightly bitter and peppery, like a cross between spinach and arugula - and super good for you.
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    Haagse Bluf (Hague Bluff Recipe)

    Hague Bluff with blackberries. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    This is our take on the light and fluffy Dutch dessert, Haagse bluf, which is made with only three ingredients; raw egg whites, sugar and blackberries. The name translates as 'Hague bluff', a name that insinuates that people from The Hague are 'full of hot air'. The more traditional versions of this dessert are made with redcurrants, but this blackberry version is equally delicious.
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    Wentelteefjes (Eggy Bread Recipe)

    Wentelteefjes, the Dutch version of French toast, always go down a treat at breakfast or brunch on the weekend, and they're the ideal way to use up bread that is less-than-fresh. In fact, this recipe is a good store cupboard ingredients standby on those lazy Sundays when you've got nothing in the house and people to feed. Serve warm, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.
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    Stamppot Sla (Spring Salad Mash Recipe)

    Spring Salad Stamppot. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht
    This is the ideal stamppot for cooler spring and summer days, when comfort food is what you crave, but you're bored with hearty winter standards. Light mashed potato is studded with fresh butter lettuce and topped with a runny fried egg.