14 Delicious Apple Cocktails for Autumn

Enjoy a Taste of Fall

Autumn Spiced Tonic Cocktail Recipe

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It's hard to resist the sweet fruitiness of a well-made apple cocktail. From martinis to punches perfect for autumn parties, there's an apple drink for everyone.

The apple flavor can be added in a variety of ways. You'll find many cocktails that require apple cider or juice, some that use apple schnapps and other liquors like apple-flavored brandy or vodka, and a few that simply use fresh ripe fruit. They're all delicious and surprisingly easy to mix up.

An apple slice garnish is a perfect fit for apple cocktails. However, cut apples turn brown quickly due to a natural reaction when the fruit's white flesh is exposed to oxygen. To keep your garnish looking fresh and beautiful, simply dip it into a shallow dish of lemon juice immediately after cutting it. Shake off any excess juice before adding it to the glass.

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    Autumn Delight

    Yamazaki Whiskey's Autumn Delight Cocktail

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    Pick up a bottle of Japanese whisky and mix up a tasty autumn delight. The recipe is straightforward and little more than spiking apple cider with Japan's impressive single malts that have a scotch-like profile. A touch of cinnamon finishes the fall flavor in this refreshing sipper.

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    Autumn Spiced Tonic

    Autumn Spiced Tonic Cocktail Recipe

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    Create the ultimate autumn dinner party drink by infusing vodka with the flavors of apple, pear, and cinnamon. The vodka is ready in just a few days and becomes the base for this autumn spiced tonic recipe. It's a simple three-ingredient drink that you can enjoy throughout the cold weather months.

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    Hot Gold Apple Cider

    Hot Gold Apple Cider

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    Fire up the stove and enjoy a comfy rum cocktail with good friends. The hot gold apple cider recipe pairs dark rum with Goldscläger, and apple cider. To marry the flavors, some warming spices and a few orange slices are added to the simmering brew. It's an easy hot drink for a small party and will make your house smell wonderful.

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    Homecoming Caipirinha

    Homecoming Caipirinha with Boca Loca Cachaca

    Boca Loca Cachaca

    The caipirinha is a fantastic cocktail from Brazil that's perfect for a seasonal twist. In this homecoming caipirinha, you'll enjoy the autumnal flavors of fresh Fuji apple, sage, and lemon against the cachaça background. The recipe also adds unfiltered apple juice to make it even more refreshing.

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    Apple Crisp

    Apple Crisp Cocktail

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    Cake-flavored vodka and spiced whiskey come together to create the delicious apple crisp cocktail. This unique recipe is also very easy, pairing the two liquors with maple syrup and apple juice. The result is a semi-sweet, lightly spiced drink that doubles as dessert.

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    Halloween Harvest Punch

    Midori Halloween harvest punch recipe

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    Filled with flavor and absolutely spectacular, the Halloween harvest punch will be your go-to fall party punch. The recipe requires Midori, two rums, and apple and cranberry juices, mixing up in just minutes. Finish it off with a variety of fruits for the garnish, and it's sure to please all your guests.

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    Bacon Me Angry

    Angry Orchard Hard Cider's Bacon Me Angry Cocktail with Bacon-infused Vodka

    Angry Orchard

    If you dream about new ways to add bacon to your life, you'll want to try the bacon me angry. This unusual martini begins with homemade bacon-flavored vodka, sweetens things up with maple syrup, and closes with a good-sized pour of hard cider.

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    Candy Appley

    Candy Appley Cocktail

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    Salted caramel moonshine and Berentzen apple liqueur form the base of the candy appley cocktail. When you add cranberry juice and sparkling apple cider, a perfectly balanced drink is yours to enjoy. To make it even more tempting, don't forget to rim your glass with coconut flakes.

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    Hot Apple Toddy

    Hot Apple Toddy recipe, cocktail in a glass with lemon and cinnamon

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    Soothing and simple, it's hard to beat a hot apple toddy on a chilly evening. All you have to do is heat up some apple cider, pour in a shot of whiskey or apple brandy, and add a little honey. Garnishing with cinnamon, cloves, and a lemon wedge completes this aromatic autumn drink.

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    Caramel Appletini

    Easy Green Caramel Appletini Vodka Cocktail Recipe

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    UV's green apple vodka is the star of this brilliantly colored martini. It's affordable and easy to find at nearly any liquor store, and the only other ingredient you need for the caramel appletini is butterscotch schnapps.

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    Early Autumn

    Early Autumn Cocktail

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    It takes about one week for the pear-apple gin to reach its peak flavor, so you'll need to plan ahead for the early autumn cocktail. Once the infusion is ready, it's mixed with pear brandy, absinthe, apple cider, ginger beer, and chocolate bitters. That's a lot of ingredients, but the taste of this drink is worth the effort.

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    Thanksgiving Cider

    Thanksgiving cider recipe

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    Pumpkin vodka makes an appearance each fall, though it can be tricky to find. When you spot a bottle, the Thanksgiving cider recipe will put it to good use. Add a shot to some fresh-pressed apple cider, then give it a little sparkle, and you'll have a perfect dinner drink.

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    Spiked Apple Cider With Caramelized Oranges

    Spiked Apple Cider Cocktail

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    Aged rum and amaretto are a perfect duo for spiked apple cider. Served on the rocks, its flavor is warm and inviting. The recipe shows you how to caramelize orange slices without a kitchen torch.

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    Apple Cider Sangria

    Apple Cider Sangria

    The Spruce

    Don't skip the sangria just because the weather turns cold. Instead, give the wine punch a seasonal twist with this apple cider sangria recipe. White wine and apple cider form the base, while fresh apples and cinnamon syrup complete the autumnal flavor to perfection.