10 Fall Soups From Around the World

Travel the Globe Through These Bowls

Chicken Pozole recipe

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When temperatures outside begin to drop, the sun departs a bit earlier, and pumpkin appears, well, everywhere, we know that it's officially fall. It's the season that inspires a shift from the cooling dishes of summer to heartier warm meals like soup, which makes its re-entrance as a favorite in kitchens around the world. We dust off our crockpots and cookbooks and make room in our freezers to store our treasured recipes.

There is very little a soup can't be—vegan, creamy, spicy, chunky, blended—and full of ingredients to deepen texture and flavor. The recipes below aren't your average chicken noodle though. Rich, complex, savory and sweet, these soups from around the world are packed with flavor and history.

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    Vegetarian Tom Yum

    Tom Yum Soup

    Su Phey Thwach Ra Ph Rn / EyeEm / Getty Images

    This traditional dish from Thailand is a hot and sour bowl of flavor. Best of all, it can be altered to be vegan or vegetarian, though it is traditionally served with shrimp. The fragrant flavors of makrut limes and lemongrass that are so integral in Southeast Asian soups and curries give this dish a nice cooling balance against the heat of the chili paste.

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    Oxtail Soup

    Oxtail soup recipe

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    For a hearty soup that will be hard to keep your hands out of, try this internationally celebrated recipe. From Jamaica to Korea, oxtail soup is a tried-and-true meat-based soup with a gelatinous broth that can be repurposed into its own stock. Herbs like thyme and parsley give the broth an earthy, bright flavor against the richness of the oxtail. The tender meat can be used in a number of ways, from taco fillings to a morning egg scramble. 

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    Peanut Butter Soup

    Groundnut Soup
    F. Muyambo

    Peanut soup is ubiquitous in West Africa and celebrated for its simple ingredients and heartiness. This recipe incorporates chicken, which can be replaced with sweet potatoes for vegetarians. Scotch bonnet gives it a nice kick of heat that balances well with the sweet smokiness of the peanuts.

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    Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

    bowls of taiwanese beef noodle soup on table with chopsticks

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    This popular soup can be found everywhere in Taiwan, from roadside stalls to fine dining restaurants. It’s the ultimate comfort dish, with a warming broth infused with spices like ginger and star anise and studded with hearty chunks of beef. Taiwanese beef noodle soup can be topped with fresh greens, chopped cilantro, pickled mustard greens, and chili oil. And like most soups, it’s always more flavorful as the days pass, so don’t be afraid of leftovers.

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    Dchicha Cracked Wheat Soup

    Dchicha Cracked Wheat Soup

    Christine Benlafquih

    Cracked wheat (dchicha dyal zraa') is the key ingredient in this fall weather ready Moroccan soup. It is typically served for breakfast or dinner and is best served immediately after cooking because wheat will swell. The dchicha gives the soup a light, chewy texture, while the ginger and pepper add a nice bit of heat that can be adjusted to taste. 

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    Pozole de Pollo

    Chicken Pozole recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Chistruga

    Pozole (pronounced poh-SOH-leh) is a comforting, fragrant Mexican classic that will instantly remind you of why soups and fall go hand-in-hand. Some versions of the recipe feature slow cooked pork, but in this variation, chicken is the star of the show, alongside corn and hominy for a bit of texture and cumin and lime to elevate the flavor.

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    Caribbean Cow Heel Soup

    Cow Heel (Foot) Soup
    Cynthia Nelson

    This well-loved Caribbean classic is enjoyed in many homes across the islands. Cow heel has the ability to give a great flavor to any soup broth and is used as a source of protein in many countries. Dumplings and split peas make this dish particularly filling and perfect for cooler nights. Many Caribbean countries also use fall's favorite squash (pumpkin) instead of split peas.

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    French Onion Soup

    Easy French Onion Soup
    The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    Decadent, rich, and cheesy in all the right places, French onion soup is always a winner. The key to this classic soup is caramelizing the onions for a sweet flavor that elevates the beef broth. The bubbling Gruyere cheese that tops it all is just icing on the cake—or in this case, the soup.

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    Revithosoupa Greek Chickpea Soup

    Greek Chickpea Soup

    Candice Bell / Getty Images

    A Greek staple, revithsopa, (pronounced reh-vee-THOH-soo-pah) is a vegan and vegetarian friendly recipe with chickpeas as its base. Once the chickpeas are softened, the soup is topped with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Sprinkle a bit of oregano too for that touch of earthy flavor that goes so well on soups.

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    Locra de Papa (Ecuadorian Potato Soup)

    Locro de papas - Ecuadorian Potato Soup
    Julia Davila-Lampe / Getty Images

    If the idea of a loaded baked potato makes you smile, then so will this flavorful Ecuadorian soup. This is a great recipe on nights when you’re short on time but hungry. Potatoes are blended with butter and chicken stock for flavor, and once ready, a healthy topping of avocado, queso fresco cheese and spicy aji sauce are sure to send your taste buds into overdrive, in the best way possible.