Family Favorite Norwegian Desserts

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    Aunt Mary's Krumkake

    Krumkake. Getty Images

    Before all my blue-eyed, blonde relatives (living and dead) come to get's a feature focusing on my Norwegian heritage. I got the Fattigman and the Krumkake recipes from my Aunt Mary. She's the original queen of desserts in the family. When I was growing up I always hoped for leftover mashed potatoes. Dad would make Lefse the next day for breakfast. He was also famous for his Julekake.

    Enjoy and UFF-DA!!

    Krumkake at my Aunt Mary's house is called "Grandma's Cookies" by my cousins. I don't think there's been a family reunion without a tin of these found nearby.

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    Fattigman - Pour Man's Cookies

    Fattigman Cutter
    Fattigman Cutter. Norpro

    Fattigman (futty-mun) is diamond-shaped dough deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You could use your knife to cut the dough or use this cutter from Norpro.

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    Julekake - Christmas Bread

    Julekake. Getty Image Subjug

    Not a Christmas went by without my father making Julekake for Mother and I. It's best served lightly toasted and spread with real butter. Not to worry, Julekake is more like a tasty breakfast bread than it is a fruit cake. I usually only make mine with candied fruits without the raisins.

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    Lefsa - Potato Pancakes

    Lefsa. Getty Images

    As a child I'd hope we'd have leftover* mashed potatoes so my dad would make Lefsa the next day. Lefsa is a Norwegian Potato Pancake which is a cross between a crepe and flat bread.
    Lefsa Recipe

    *Our mashed potatoes weren't actually "leftover". Mom would make extra mashed potatoes. Dad would take out what he needed before she would season the potatoes.

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    Norwegian Butter Cookies

    Norwegian Butter Cookies. Photo by Carroll Pelllegrinelli

    Looking for a simple Norwegian cookie recipe to share with her classmates, my daughter found this recipe. These are a simple, yet tasty, butter cookie with a maraschino cherry in the middle.
    Norwegian Butter Cookies

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    Fancy Rosette Cookies

    Sprinkle Rosette Cookies with Powdered Sugar
    Rosette Cookies. Carroll Pellegrinelli

    Rosette Cookies have been enjoyed in many a Scandinavian home. They are a fancier version of Fattigman. A hot rosette iron is dipped into a liquid cookie dough. Next the dough-covered iron is then dipped into boiling grease. Once in the grease, the cookie dough releases from the iron, and cooked until lightly brown.
    Rosette Cookie Recipe

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