22 Family-Pleasing Ground Beef Casseroles

Combine the macaroni, tomatoes, and ground beef mixture.
Diana Rattray

From sloppy mac and cheese and a slow cooker American chop suey to pizza casserole and unstuffed cabbage, you're sure to find a dinner winner from among these tasty ground beef casseroles.

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    Ground Beef Casserole Recipes: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

    Baked Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
    Diana Rattray

    These baked stuffed cabbage rolls are made with a tomato-based sauce that includes a mixture of ground beef, rice, and onion that makes a delicious filling for the partially cooked cabbage leaves. If you love the recipe, but not the prep, try these unstuffed cabbage rolls.

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    Sloppy Macaroni and Cheese

    Sloppy Joe Macaroni and Cheese
    Photo: Diana Rattray

    The "sloppy" part of this macaroni and cheese recipe is the tasty sloppy Joe layer. A ground beef layer is followed with a homemade macaroni and cheese layer, topped with bread crumbs and baked to perfection.

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    Spicy Pasta With Ground Beef and Tomatoes

    Combine the macaroni, tomatoes, and ground beef mixture.
    Diana Rattray

    Make this easy pasta and ground beef combination a casserole by adding a cheese topping. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy a splendid meal.

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    Meaty Layered Ziti Casserole

    Ziti Bake Recipe With Ground Beef and Italian Sausage
    Diana Rattray

    This hearty meaty layered ziti casserole is made with ground beef and Italian sausage, along with three cheeses. Serve this hearty, meaty ziti bake with a simple salad and crusty garlic bread.

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    Loaded Pizza Pasta Casserole

    Loaded Pizza Pasta Casserole
    Diana Rattray

    This hearty loaded pizza pasta casserole is perfect for a pizza craving. It makes a fabulous everyday family meal, or take it along to a potluck dinner. 

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    Unstuffed Peppers

    Unstuffed Peppers
    Diana Rattray

    Trying these unstuffed peppers is a great way to enjoy the flavors of stuffed peppers, and the preparation takes about half the time.

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    Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Rice

    Stuffed Peppers
    The Spruce

    These great tasting stuffed bell peppers are filled with a mixture of ground beef and rice. Stuffed peppers make a delicious meal with a tossed salad, or served with mashed or baked potatoes.

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    Crescent Beef Stroganoff Bake

    Stroganoff in Crescent Crust
    Diana Rattray

    Crescent roll dough makes the crust in this tasty ground beef casserole recipe. Sour cream and shredded cheese give the beef stroganoff flavor.

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    Burrito Casserole With Beef and Beans

    Burrito Casserole
    Diana Rattray

    Layers of tortillas, cheese, beans, and ground beef are flavored with burrito seasoning. Serve this delicious cheesy burrito casserole with a salad and hot cooked Mexican style rice

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    Southwestern-Style Beef and Potato Bake

    Southwestern Style Ground Beef and Potato Casserole
    Photo: Diana Rattray

    Southwestern seasonings make this a flavorful all-in-one casserole meal your family will love. The chili seasonings are a good match with the potatoes, corn, and ground beef.

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    Taco Cheeseburger Macaroni

    Taco Macaroni and Cheese with Ground Beef
    Diana Rattray

    Taco seasoning adds fabulous flavor to this cheeseburger macaroni skillet casserole, and it's super quick and easy to prepare.

    Serve this flavorful dish with sliced tomatoes or a tossed salad for a delicious one-pot family meal. 

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    Beef Enchilada Casserole

    Diana Rattray

     Enchilada sauce, peppers, and olives help to flavor this layered ground beef and tortilla chip casserole.

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    Tex-Mex Beef and Biscuit Casserole

    Tex-Mex Style Beef and Biscuits
    Diana Rattray

    This ground beef tex-mex casserole is a cinch to prepare and bake with a simple refrigerated biscuit topping. It's a nicely-seasoned meal in one dish with Tex-Mex flavors, perfect for a busy day meal.

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    Ziti Casserole With Ground Beef and Mushrooms

    Ziti Casserole With Ground Beef and Mushrooms
    Diana Rattray

    This tasty ziti bake is prepared and layered with a creamy tomato sauce, cheese, and ground beef. 

    Serve this casserole with a tossed salad and garlic bread for a perfect family meal.

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    Chili Nacho Bake

    Ground Beef and Tortilla Casserole
    Nacho Casserole With Ground Beef and Tortillas. Diana Rattray

    Beans, tomatoes, ground beef, and seasonings make a tasty meal baked with cheese and crunchy tortilla chips. Serve this easy tex-mex chili nacho casserole with broccoli salad and Tex-Mex cornbread.

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    Cabbage Rolls With Ground Beef and Rice

    Cabbage rolls with beef and rice
    The Spruce

    These classic cabbage rolls are always a favorite. The cabbage and rice mixture is rolled into cabbage leaves and baked to perfection in a tangy tomato sauce.

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    Ground Beef Taco Casserole With Cheesy Corn Chip Topping

    Taco Casserole
    Diana Rattray

    This spicy and flavorful ground beef casserole is filled with a well-seasoned ground beef mixture, a crunchy corn chip topping, and a generous amount of shredded cheese. 

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    Easy Cheeseburger Pie

    Cheeseburger Pie
    Diana Rattray

    Use a frozen prepared pie crust and this cheeseburger pie will be a snap prepare. 

    Serve this savory pie with fries and a tossed salad or coleslaw for a great family meal.

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    Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

    Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls
    The Spruce

    You can make this unstuffed cabbage casserole in a fraction of the time it would take to make cabbage rolls! This flavorful ground beef and cabbage combination are made with lean ground beef, tomatoes, and cabbage.

    Serve the dish with hot cooked rice or mashed potatoes.

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    Favorite Meaty Lasagna

    Favorite Meaty Lasagna
    Diana Rattray

    This lasagna is made with a Bolognese style sauce, layered with ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses. We use ground beef and ground sausage in this meaty version, but it could be made with all ground beef or a mixture of ground beef and ground pork.

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    Beef and Bean Casserole With Cheese

    Bowl of Beef and Beans
    Diana Rattray

    This simple beef and bean casserole is a mixture of lean ground beef, peppers, and a little Cheddar cheese. It's an excellent bean dish to serve with pulled pork and slaw, or top it with refrigerated or frozen biscuits and make it a one-dish meal with a salad.

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    Easy Macaroni and Beef Casserole

    Macaroni and Ground Beef Casserole
    Diana Rattray

    This easy macaroni and ground beef casserole recipe make a great-tasting family dinner for any night of the week. Add a BLT salad and warm rolls or crusty bread for a perfect meal.

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    Slow Cooker American Chop Suey

    Slow Cooker American Chop Suey
    Diana Rattray

    This classic American chop suey is an easy one-dish meal to prepare for a family meal. The ground beef mixture is cooked in the slow cooker, then the cooked macaroni is added just before serving time. 

    Serve the pasta dish with biscuits and marinated vegetable salad.