10 Fantastic American Whiskies for Enthusiasts

Whiskey from the U.S. that makes a big splash

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The world of whiskey is vast and fun to explore. If you're looking to discover a new American whiskey, we have a few suggestions for you to try. Not only are these nice treats for yourself, but they also make great gifts as well.

These bourbons, ryes, single malts, and craft whiskies offer an experience, and each is special in its own right. They're excellent to sip and make great cocktails. Though there are a few pricey bottles, most are relatively affordable.

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    Parker's Heritage Collection

    Parker's Heritage Collection Single Barrel 11YO Bourbon Whiskey
    Heaven Hill Brands

    Once a year the distillers at Heaven Hill release a special bourbon that will impress anyone. Parker's Heritage Collection pays tribute to Parker Beam, one of the great distillers in American whiskey history. 

    Each limited edition bottling is unique and among the best whiskies you'll taste. They're often bottled around 122 proof and sell in the $120 range (a portion goes to charity). If you're seeking a sipping whiskey to look forward to each autumn, this is a great choice.

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    Woodford Reserve Master's Collection

    Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Cherry Wood Master's Collection 2017
    Woodford Reserve

    Another famous Kentucky distillery also offers a brilliant new bourbon each year. Woodford Reserve's Master's Collection pays homage to the distillery's play on traditional techniques and each bottle has a new spin.

    Released toward the end of autumn, each year gives us a unique taste experience to look forward to. The 2017 edition used cherry wood-smoked malted barley, and previous editions included everything from white corn to maple wood. They are worth every penny of the $99 price.

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    Michter's 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

    Michter's Single Barrel 10 YO Bourbon Whiskey
    Michter's Distillery

    Michter's legacy reaches back to America's first whiskey distillery in Pennsylvania. Operating in Kentucky today, this is a brand you'll want to rediscover. They are small-batch whiskies, with the flagships sporting the US1 label and their limited editions are spectacular.

    While you may not be able to swing $800 for the 25 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon, the 10-Year-Old offers a high-end taste as well, but at a more affordable price. Selling for $120, the 10 Year Old Barrel Bourbon is filled with rich flavors we expect from well-aged whiskey.

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    Bulleit Bourbon

    Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey
    Bulleit Bourbon

    Bulleit Bourbon is called "Frontier Whiskey." It is the mainstream bourbon that many people never taste because it's often overshadowed by the bigger names. However, it is a fantastic everyday bourbon and at $30, it can be a staple in any bar.

    Bulleit prides itself on a very high percentage of rye. At 17 percent, there is more rye in this bottle than most bourbons would dare to include. This gives it a really great spice that rivals a straight rye whiskey and is ideal for cocktails. 

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    Mckenzie Rye Whiskey

    McKenzie Rye Whiskey From Finger Lakes Distilling
    Finger Lakes Distilling

    It may be known for its wine, but Finger Lakes Distilling is producing some impressive distilled spirits in this area of upstate New York. Gin, vodka, brandy, and liqueurs are in their portfolio, along with some impressive whiskies.

    McKenzie Rye Whiskey is a perfect example of the craftsmanship coming out of the distillery. Using locally sourced rye and traditional techniques, they also finish it in sherry casks from the area's wineries. At $42 a bottle, it's a fantastic value.

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    Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey

    Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey
    Dry Fly Distilling

    Great whiskey is being produced all across the United States. One of the West Coast gems comes from Dry Fly Distilling. They too take on a vodka and gin, as well as a bourbon, and each is worth checking out.

    The Washington Wheat Whiskey is something really special, though. It's distilled from local white wheat and aged for at least three years in charred oak. Its taste is soft and fruity and, at around $42 a bottle, it's affordable enough to make some intriguing drinks.

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    McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

    McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt Whiskey
    Hood River Distillers

    Small batch whiskies are such fun to explore because each distiller puts their own twist on tradition. A great model of that comes from Hood River Distillers in Oregon and they offer a shining star of American whiskey.

    McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is a pot-stilled whiskey that marries Scottish peat with American whiskey. It has a great smoky flavor along with buttery notes that make it friendly to all palates. It sells for $54 and is a really nice treat.

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    Whiskey Del Bac Distiller's Cut

    Whiskey Del Bac Single Malt Distiller's Cut From Hamilton Distillers
    Hamilton Distillers

    We now turn to Tucson, Arizona for another fun find. Hamilton Distillers makes nothing but whiskey, and they prefer to smoke their barley malt with mesquite. Essentially, it's scotch with a Southwestern twist.

    The distillery's portfolio is filled with great whiskies to explore and they all fall into the $50 range. For a $10 upgrade, pick up a bottle of the Distiller's Cut. It's bottled quarterly at cask strength (120 proof) and you will not get the same taste twice.

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    Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey

    Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey
    Cedar Ridge

    Taking advantage of the state's corn, Iowa has a renowned distillery making some fantastic distilled spirits. In fact, Cedar Ridge was named the American Distilling Institute's 2017 Distillery of the Year.

    This small-batch distiller has many great things going on, but their Iowa Bourbon has long been the flagship of their whiskies. Made of 75 percent local corn and just enough rye, it is super smooth, full of flavor, and just $39. It's a once hidden gem of the Midwest.

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    Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Bourbon, 9 Years

    Remption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 9 YO Barrel Proof
    Redemption Whiskey

    Redemption is one brand that celebrates rye in whiskey. While you might know their rye, their bourbons are a thing of beauty as well. The flagship bottles are great, but their annual barrel proof bottles are even better.

    The rye whiskey is aged for eight years and the two bourbons are aged for nine, and all sell for $99. If you're looking for a mix of rye and bourbon, the obvious choice is High Rye Bourbon, as it's the best of both worlds, and at 114.7 proof, it is packed with flavor.