10 Fantastic Sangria Recipes

Mix Up Your Sangria Routine - It's Easy!

Sangria is great to serve at a party and it is one of those drinks that you can make your own by switching out a few ingredients here and there. While the basic sangria recipes call for red wine and either brandy or rum with a heaping of fresh fruits, there really are no rules to sangrias and this collection shows the potential of this favorite party punch.

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    Sangria is a great summer drink to share
    Share a pitcher of Sangria with friends. Tony Robins/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    The basic Sangria recipe has three elements: wine, fresh fruit, and soda. They combine to create a sparkling fruit punch and you can interpret each ingredient any way you like.

    In my basic Sangria recipe I include brandy and orange liqueur to add a little kick.

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    Sparkling Acai Sangria

    VeeV Sparkling Acai Sangria
    A fun twist on the sangria, this Sparkling Acai Sangria makes a great party service. Fridholm, Jakob/Getty Images

    Acai is one of those super fruits that have been getting a lot of attention and one of the best liquors to showcase its unique flavor is VeeV.

    This simple sangria recipe pairs the acai with elderflower, orange juice, and sparkling wine and makes enough to fill a pitcher just big enough to serve at an intimate gathering.

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    Nolet's Silver Dry Gin's Silver Sangria Punch Recipe
    A lighter sangria recipe, Nolet's Silver Sangria mixes the gin and white wine with grapes and apples for a refreshing new punch to share. Photo Courtesy: © Nolet's Gin

    Light, refreshing and sparkling, this Silver Sangria recipe takes a softer approach to sangria.

    Featuring a floral gin mixed with dry white wine and white grape juice, the recipe is very easy to mix up the night before a party. Before serving, simply add ginger ale and get ready to watch the joy on your guests' faces!

    This sangria is perfect for spring and summer brunch.

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    The New Zealander Sangria
    Kiwi and tangerine mix with white wine to create The New Zealander Sangria. Brian Macdonald/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    This New Zealander Sangria includes a fruit you would expect from a punch of this name and the great thing about kiwi is that they are almost always available at the market.

    In this recipe the tiny green fruit are mixed with a white wine and fresh tangerine and the simple mix is a crowd favorite.

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    White Peach Sangria
    Mango rum and peach schnapps make this White Peach Sangria a perfect party option. Ian O'Leary / Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    Here is another twist with a lighter profile that is very refreshing. This recipe uses Pinot Grigio for the wine, a mango rum, and adds peach schnapps.

    Don't forget to use fresh peaches when they're at the market, they finish the experience perfectly.

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    White Lightning Sangria
    Grapes, white wine, and vodka are the star of this White Lightning Sangria. Andre Baranowski/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

    White is the theme of this tasty sangria and it all begins with your favorite white wine.

    Vodka, white grape juice, and fresh grapes, apple, and pineapple are thrown into the mix and I recommend using ginger ale to top this one off and finish it perfectly.

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    Lucid Brazilian Sangria Cocktail - Lucid Absinthe
    Lucid Brazilian Sangria. Photo Courtesy of: © Lucid Absinthe

    This sangria recipe gets a little wild and it is almost too much fun. The mix uses cachaca for the rum as well as a Spanish brandy and red wine, but it is the addition of a little absinthe that makes it very interesting.

    The recipe is written for a single drink and if you like it, it's easy to multiply to serve a room full of guests.

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    Raspberry Limoncello Sangria
    The Raspberry Limoncello Sangria is a beautiful punch. Getty Images / The Image Box

    A pretty little punch, this recipe is a cross between sangria and lemonade and it is too beautiful to ignore. The easy mix includes white wine, lemonade, and fresh raspberries and lemons.

    Serve it at a summer patio party or brunch and enjoy the reactions of your friends.

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    Don Q Bloody Rum Punch
    Bloody Rum Punch. David C. Humphreys / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    While this recipe may not say that it's a sangria, it is and it is one of those punches that is almost too much fun and may give your guests something to talk about if they've had too much.

    The potent mix includes rum, red wine and triple sec and the featured fruit is lime and the darkest oranges you can find at the moment.

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    Christina Karl's Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria Cocktail
    A warm and toasty sangria, this Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria is the perfect red wine punch for winter. Photo Courtesy: © Christina Karl

    Sangria is not reserved for summer! This warm recipe bring this red wine favorite into colder seasons and adds a mulled wine twist.

    Everything we love about Sangria remains, we simply add Jagermeister Spice and a blend of cranberry and pomengranate, then through in a sachet of mulling spices.

    It is the perfect Sangria for holiday and winter parties.