4 Fantastic Vegan Muffin Recipes

When it comes to making vegan muffins, egg replacer, a non-dairy milk substitute and bananas are your friends. A few of these recipes also call for applesauce, which can reduce the amount of oil needed, and help keep your baked muffins lower in fat. There's no real limitations, so stock up on cranberries, walnuts, vegan chocolate chips or anything you want to add to your vegan muffins.

Here's a recipe for just about every possible vegan muffin you could possibly imagine or ever want....MORE Enjoy!

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    Photo courtesy Veganlovlie.blogspot.com

    These fat-free vegan muffins are made from apples and bananas, so they have a great naturally sweet flavor and are kept moist with apple juice instead of oil or margarine. Lots of people have tested this recipe and left positive reviews, even when using half whole wheat flour, and a few people added chopped walnuts or blueberries for variation.

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    Banana muffins photo by Benjamin Torode / Getty Images

    Banana muffins are super easy to veganize, because the bananas can easily replace the moistness of the eggs, and are also a good binder as well. In fact, you may have already noticed that plenty of vegan muffin recipes call for bananas anyways. 

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    Vegan Sweet Potato Muffins

    Sweet potato muffins by flickr user Ginger S

    If you've got leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving (or just because), then making sweet potato muffins is a great way to use them all up. 

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    No collection of vegan muffin recipes could possibly be complete without at least one recipe for pumpkin muffins, so here you go. They may be more popular during October and November for Thanksgiving and Halloween, but there's no reason at all not to enjoy vegan pumpkin muffins year round. ​