10 Scrumptious Candied Nut Recipes, From Spicy to Sweet

10 Crunchy Recipes, From Sweet to Spicy

Candied almonds
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Just when you think it's impossible to improve upon fresh, toasted nuts, someone comes up with the idea of coating them with a thin, crunchy layer of sugar. Yep, candied nuts are practically irresistible, and this collection of candied nut recipes has something for everyone. From simple glazed almonds to sweet and spicy pecans, you'll find a recipe for your favorite candied nut right here.

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    Glazed almonds
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    Glazed Almonds are crunchy, golden-brown sweetened almonds, made with just three ingredients: sugar, water, and almonds. These candied nuts are perfect on pastries, salads, or as part of a candy mix, and you can add lots of different flavorings to customize them. 

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    coconut cashews
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    In this recipe, crunchy cashews are coated with a sweet layer of toasted coconut. The combination of salty, buttery cashews and tropical coconut makes these the perfect topper for muffins, yogurt, and parfaits, and of course, are delicious eaten on their own.

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    Honey Roasted Peanuts
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    After making these honey-roasted peanuts, you'll never be satisfied with the store-bought variety again! This recipe produces golden brown nuts with a deep honey taste, a satisfying crunch, and a kiss of salt. Simple to make, after coating with a mixture of melted butter, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon, the nuts go in an oven to bake, with just a sprinkle of sugar and salt toward the end to finish them off.

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    Caramelized Peanuts
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    This recipe for caramelized peanuts produces a deliciously crispy, crunchy, sweet, and salty snack. These peanuts are coated with a crunchy layer of sugar that is generously flavored with salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Reminiscent of the bags of warm nuts sold on city street corners, these caramelized nuts are wonderful on their own, but also a treat when chopped up and added to baked goods. 

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    penuche walnuts
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    Sour cream is the secret ingredient in this recipe—combining it with brown and white sugars and vanilla creates a sweet and tangy coating for the walnuts. Simple to make, the toasted walnuts are coated with the warm mixture and then left to cool on a baking sheet, resulting in a crunchy candy everyone will love.

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    Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans
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    Sweet and spicy candied pecans are packed with flavor from cinnamon, brown sugar, cayenne, and maple syrup. The pecans, which have a crunchy mahogany coating of sugar and spice, can be used in candies and desserts, or are equally good when topping salads or savory dishes.

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    Caramel Nuts
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    This caramel nuts recipe produces crisp nuts that are coated with a sweet, crunchy layer of caramel. These nuts are great to munch on their own and are also ideal to add extra flavor and texture to baked goods.

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    Elizabeth LaBau

    Have you ever tried to deep-fry walnuts? Now is your chance, and you won't be disappointed. The sugar-coated walnuts become extra crunchy and rich tasting from frying. They are finished off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds for a bit of Asian flair.

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    Fudge nuts
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    This recipe couldn't be easier—macadamia nuts are cooked along with sugar on the stove, and then the nuts are spread out on a baking sheet to cool. The result is a beautiful batch of sweet golden nuts, special enough to wrap and give as gifts.

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    In this recipe, toasted nuts are covered with a crunchy layer of foamy egg whites with sugar and spices. The egg whites are what really sets this recipe apart—they bake to form a crispy shell that’s lighter than air, and the texture and flavor are unique and delicious.