Favorite Flavors: Honey Mustard

Honey mustard sauce

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Honey mustard is a condiment I always have in my pantry and refrigerator. The combination of spicy and sharp mustard with sweet and floral honey is absolutely fantastic. I've developed recipes to use this delicious ingredient in just about every way possible.

You can buy prepared honey mustard, of course, or make your own. Just combine your favorite mustard (mine is Dijon) with about half as much honey. Mix, and taste! Add more mustard or honey until it tastes perfect to you. Cover and store in the fridge for a week or so, if it lasts that long! Honey mustard is the perfect condiment to brush on chicken before grilling it, to add to fish you're going to broil or spread on bread for any type of sandwich. Enjoy.

Favorite Flavors: Honey Mustard

  • Baked Honey Mustard Chicken
    This is one of the simplest recipes you will ever make. You just cook onion in some butter, add honey, mustard, and seasonings, pour over chicken breasts, and bake it. The chicken becomes so tender it's like butter!
  • Crock Pot Honey Mustard Ham
    Honey, mustard, brown sugar, apple juice, and your crockpot combine to turn ham into the most succulent piece of meat you've ever tasted.
  • Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs
    Honey and mustard are a match made in heaven. And it's perfect on any type of chicken! This easy recipe is superb.
  • Baked Honey Mustard Salmon Fillet
    A creamy honey mustard salad dressing is the secret ingredient in this easy recipe. If you don't have it, just add 1 tablespoon each Dijon mustard and honey to the recipe.
  • Honey Mustard Pork Roast
    A tender boneless pork roast, coated with honey mustard, is cooked with onions and garlic in your crockpot until meltingly tender. This is a recipe for company!
  • Ham and Swiss Quiche
    Since honey mustard is so fabulous with ham, include it in this quiche recipe. It's a winner!
  • Deviled Eggs
    Try putting honey mustard in your deviled eggs. It's divine.
  • And see 30 more ways to use honey mustard.